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OPEX Athlete Camps take your understanding of YOUR fitness to a brand new level!  No longer will you feel in the dark about what is holding you back.  Within a Camp weekend you will experience specific workouts designed to test your fitness but you’ll also get first rate OPEX coaching and support designed to teach you HOW to take your fitness to the next level.  The uniqueness of an OPEX Camp is that you will learn not only how to change your workouts, you will learn what specifics outside of the gym will excel your progress.  The OPEX Camp is the best way to get the OPEX Coaching Experience from OPEX’s Global Coaching Team!

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Athlete Camp Testimonials

“My decision to train through the OPEX program was one of the best decisions of my life hands down”- Phoenixville, PA Athlete Camp
“By far the best camp/certification/seminar course I’ve ever been”- Memphis, TN Athlete Camp
“I really enjoyed the camp and like the fact that I’ll be able to take my results and figure out a game plan on how to improve on my weaknesses”- Dallas, TX Athlete Camp
“Coming to train/learn at OPEX is an experience that I value tremendously, the growth I’ve experienced as a coach and athlete in only a few days being here surpasses that of any other exposure that I’ve had. Thank you!”- Scottsdale, AZ Athlete Camp
“I was not sure what to expect and this camp exceeded my expectations. Every athlete should attend this camp!”- Pismo Beach, CA Athlete Camp
“This is the best information that I have heard in regards to CF. I wish that I would have known all of this information when I first began CF. Learned so much about myself”- Brandon, MS Athlete Camp

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