Sharon is a human behavior specialist and CCP coach. She is the director of Integral Corporate Wellness a Calgary, Alberta based firm that specializes in assisting corporations to design and implement wellness programs in order to create a healthy and energetic workforce, which creates a culture of engaged, invested and productive employees.

Sharon spent ten years coaching gymnastics and swimming athletes from beginner to competitive and loved the art of teaching movements and athlete development. While in university, her undergraduate work in software engineering expanded her perspective of systematic and holistic thinking. After a career in Internet development, she returned to her two true loves: health and coaching both as a Demartini Method facilitator and OPEX CCP Coach. Here she was able to combine strategic systematic thinking, her studies in human behavior and her love for fitness coaching.

Sharon is a Trained Demartini Method Facilitator with the Demartini Institute in Houston, Texas– a private research, education and service institution dedicated to the development of human awareness and potential. She is an advanced student who has spent the last seven years mastering the universal principles of human behavior and development.

She is also grateful to have been in the last graduating class of Bernie Novokowsky’s renowned Higher Order Thinking program. As a mentor, Bernie challenged her apply her knowledge in highly efficient and effective ways that upgraded her coaching skills, business practice and understanding of universal laws.

Sharon is the co-conductor of the CCP Life Coach module, expanding the awareness coaches have of themselves and their clients in order to increase their level of coaching mastery. Sharon’s dedication to the study and integration of human behavior, health and wellness, and universal law has created the unique and dynamic perspective she brings to the OPEX family.

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