James’ Coaching Certificate Program will teach you how to
maximize your client’s physical potential, keep them injury
free, and help them Live a Larger Life.

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Distinguish Yourself as a Professional Coach

Today, James, creator of the OPEX CCP for Coaching Education, is regarded as one of the world’s top authorities on coaching, training, and fitness.

Along the way, he has:

  • Certified more than 1,800 Coaches
  • Reached over 50 Countries
  • He and his team have Designed over 1,000,000Programs for Clients

Why did he create OPEX and the CCP Program?

Simple – because James, viewed as one of the sport’s highest authorities, spent years watching athletes in group fitness settings struggle with injury, direction, and lack of success.

Real results require individual attention, personally designed programs, and smarter training, which is what you will deliver as the Total Coach, trained in the OPEX Coaching Certificate Program

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"OPEX means the world to me already. It means the world to everyone who was there this weekend. I was lost before I found you and your team. I mean LOST. You've given me direction, a purpose, a place to look for hope, education, inspiration. I know I speak for countless others. The fact that you choose to do this makes me reflect and have more trust in human beings. Thank you for being you. I will be forever grateful no matter what I create for my own future.

My dream is to continue down this path and remain surrounded by the OPEX culture... because of what it means."

Thomas Madden
Owner, Heroes Journey CrossFit

"I started the OPEX CCP Level 1 program because I wanted to bring more value to my clients. To bring them value I needed the information to support their long term fitness journey. The knowledge I’ve learned ranges from assessing clients in movement, understanding why they are holding onto body fat, creating creating personalized nutrition recommendations, and writing program designs centered around their lifestyle. This continues to add confidence for me as a coach and tremendous value for my clients and their unique fitness journeys."

Amanda Martin
Coach, Central Athlete

"I chose the OPEX CCP program because I know people who were are involved in the community and I share the belief that there is always more to learn about fitness. OPEX has helped me on my path as a fitness professional. More importantly the CCP courses have given me a bigger perspective. I now have the tools to grow as a coach indefinitely, using the guiding principles I learned through OPEX as my compass. I feel more confident in the value I have to offer than I ever though I could at 21 years old. I now lead a small but growing community of people who enjoy the growth that comes with a long term approach to training and have awareness of what it takes to live according to their highest priorities without judgment."

Ian Kaplan
OPEX CCP Level 1 Coach

"Thanks to everyone at OPEX again for the incredible learning experience you have given and continue to give me. I have learned a vast majority of what I know as a coach, and much of my competence is credited to my pursuit of a further education through your modules and networking with other great coaches who have followed a similar path. I really look forward to the Level 2 stuff in April, assuming I can get a slot in the class!"

Phil Gothard
Owner, CrossFit Dubuque

Trainers perform a job-CCP Coaches inspire a way of life.

The OPEX Coaching Certificate offers you a clear path in your coaching career, and gives you the confidence, support, and guidance you need to become a successful coach, leader, and inspiration to others. The all-encompassing Coaching Certificate Program is built upon 5 essential modules designed to turn YOU into the Total Coach. In the Coaching Certificate Program, you will develop mastery of each these modules, and demonstrate that you can apply them in real-world scenarios.

  • Assess Client Needs
  • Design Individual Programs
  • Provide Lifestyle Coaching
  • Build Diet and Nutrition Programs
  • Develop Your Personal Business Skills

In the OPEX Coaching Certificate Program, you are NEVER on your own. You will be part of a community that is focused on helping you achieve success as a trainer, coach, athlete, AND person.

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  • Assessment – 0.7 CEUs
  • Program Design – 2.0 CEUs
  • Assessment – 4 CEUs
  • Program Design – 24 CEUs
  • Nutrition- 16 CEUs
  • Lifestyle Coaching – 16 CEUs
  • Assessment – 1.2 CEUs
  • Program Design – 1.9 CEUs
  • Assessment – 7 CEUs
  • Program Design – 7 CEUs

Is the OPEX Coaching Certificate Program Right For You?

The OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) is NOT for everyone.

This program is for SERIOUS coaches who want to get THE ABSOLUTE MOST out of themselves, their athletes, and clients.

It is for coaches who want to SMASH through all the distractions, misinformation, and obstacles that have been holding them and their athletes back for YEARS.

If you are SICK of coaching athletes who are constantly injured, frustrated, unmotivated, confused, and disappointed with their training, OPEX CCP offers clear, direct solutions.

OPEX CCP will help you MAXIMIZE your potential as a coach and a business-person so that you can help others go BEYOND their athletic potential.

Are you ready to change your life AND the lives of others?

Learn directly from James Fitzgerald, “Fittest on Earth,” and champion of the first ever CrossFit games, how you can help others improve performance, change the body composition, and change their lives FOR GOOD.

Why Not Start Today?

Best of all, getting started requires no commitment. James Fitzgerald and OPEX Fitness are excited to offer you a FREE introductory program. The moment you sign up you will have access to our digital library containing detailed videos covering each of the modules in the Coaching Certificate Program. These powerful educational videos outline the basics of the Coaching Certificate Program and give you everything you need to get started. Watch them on your time, at your convenience, and take the first step towards becoming the Total Coach.

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