Marcus Filly- Remote Coaching Client

I’ve been working with OPEX in some form for over 6 years. From the Big Dawgs Blog, to CCP courses, to Athlete Coaching with James himself, I’ve always felt like I was getting the best the industry has to offer. OPEX was the foundation of my coaching education knowledge and therefore I couldn’t imagine practicing a different system for my own fitness. James Fitzgerald was my first coach for 3 years before switching to Mike Lee who I work with currently.

My goals when I first started with OPEX are the same as they are today. To see how far within the sport of fitness I can push myself while still pursuing a life of coaching. Since starting with OPEX, I’ve had success at every level of the sport of CrossFit and GRID. However, my achievement in my mind has been putting in 6 solid years of training in a system that I have trusted that has allowed me to continuously grow physically, mentally, and emotionally. My current goal is to continue to compete in the sport of fitness while taking on new life experiences like getting married, starting a family, and building my businesses. My coaches at OPEX have given me the plan and the space to make what I want of my journey. Neither of them have held my hand as I took the big steps. They have been there when I needed them but mostly they have just shown me the way and allowed me to navigate the tough stuff on my own. That has left me with a confidence that I could have never achieved had they been doing the work for me.

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