Nutrition December 2014

So What Should I Eat?

It would seem appropriate that I’d actually at one point have an answer to the question:
“Well, what should I eat?”

If all I had was a few minutes, without background knowledge, this is my “elevator pitch answer” to a client:  Meat and Nuts for breakfast.  Salad, protein and oil at lunch.  And a sit down meal of meat and veggies for supper!

Meat and nuts for breakfast – why?
I know nothing about this person, and to capture them, I think it’s appropriate to make them think about why they are going against the grain towards a NON-traditional breakfast. Secondly, after achieving that aha moment, I know that most people do not eat enough protein in the AM that I KNOW leads to good choices in day with proper blood sugar management.  Third – they HAVE TO chew.  First meal of the day, aminos in the gut and the body is breaking foods down – and they have to slow down to eat it “how about that hey?  What a novel idea – sitting and chewing.”  So there you have it, three reasons.  Because of the WOW factor, the energy management and the chewing.

Protein and salad at lunch with oil – why?
It’s simple, its easy to get everywhere based on what you do and where you are – you CAN prepare it at home but lets be realistic for those starting (from the position of where we are in the elevator) that they are in DIRE need of some simple foods.  A simple chicken salad over a bed of greens with an oil based dressing is a good start. If they can do a level higher than that that and prepare it themselves every day for 500+ days (which shows some consistency – NOT 90 days) with good quality, that is good, otherwise go for the above and ask for it anywhere, I’m sure its “on the menu.” Secondly, this will balance blood sugar very well for the mid afternoon issues that most have to deal with; this meal plan in combination with some awareness of how they feel at this time of day is allowing them on the road to awareness combined with good practices of fuelling.  Third, if they have done the AM meal right, this mid day meal will feel good as they are not ravenous, BUT instead are satisfied after they sit and chew.   Chewing up the fiber in the veggies really well is important also, which leads into the next one.

Cooked meat and veggies at night – sit down – why?
Sitting down to chew our foods is a huge missing link – the knowledge on the macros and quality out there astounds me.  But most are eating as they drive, in 5 min in the bathroom between meetings and rushed at night before soccer practice.  This opportunity to commune and discuss WHILE enjoying good food that YOU prepared I believe is MORE important that the macros and food quality.  There, I said it, and I believe it.  If there is love put into it, and you chew it and enjoy it, it makes things better when shared with others around the table.
Fire up the slow cooker in the AM and BAM, there you have it, meal at 5 pm, 8 pm for Americans (we notice you guys eat late down here – and I’m ready for bed – what is that?)  Anyhow, eating cooked veggies at night as well serves you well for your gut working less hard at the end of the day on the fibers in the food.  So, a cooked HOT meal is superb for this time – what it looks like is NOT important right now – just stick to the meat and veggies Rx and you got it licked.

So there you go, an actual answer.  It was more than I had intended for the minute in the elevator, but of course I had them at meat and nuts and turned them into a raving client by conversations end.