1. What does OPEX do?


OPEX is a global fitness company.  We work in 3 main areas:

Coach to Coach – This is our Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) Education.  

Fitness Gym Business Licensing – This is our OPEX Gyms Program that we offer to gyms around the world.

Coach to Client Remotely – This is our Remote Coaching Program where we coach clients all over the world to help them achieve their fitness goals.


  1. Who are OPEX’s clients?


We have the privilege of working with coaches and clients around the world who are inspired by fitness.  They share our belief that fitness leads to living a larger life.  The clients who we work with are:

CCP Coaches – We work with coaches looking to become Functional Fitness Specialists.  They know that they want or need to continue their coaching education for the long run.  They know that they can give their clients better results and they are dedicated to doing that.  Our coaches coach in small facilities, large facilities, and everywhere in between.  We have worked with thousands of coaches ranging from Personal Trainers, CrossFit Coaches, Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Body Transformation Coaches, and many others in between.  The linchpin for our coaches is that they are dedicated to meeting their clients where they are and helping them progress for the long run.  

Gym Owners – We work with gym owners, and aspiring gym owners, who are focused on delivering the finest fitness experience to their clients.  These coaches dedicate their lives to helping their clients and coaches improve on and off of the gym floor.  They know that they need to level-up their coaching experience, but they also know that their business is the lifeblood for their team’s financial and fulfillment success.  They are willing to put the time and effort in to help everybody around them progress because that allows them to scale their business in their own unique vision.

Remote Coaching Clients – Our clients here are serious about their fitness.  They are inspired to take their fitness to the next level.  They are not brand new to fitness and they have not been on the sidelines for years and years.  They are excited and able to stay in touch with their coach so that their coach can tweak their program as needed.  Our remote clients often have fitness pursuits that they are striving for whether it be competitions, races, or other fitness endeavors.  Regardless of their endeavor, our OPEX Global Coaches individually consult and design the program that helps them achieve their goals



  1. How does Remote Coaching work?


OPEX was one of the very first systems to use virtual programming of fitness athletes and we have been upgrading our system ever since.  The way that our Remote Coaching system works looks like this as a client (Download the brochure here):

You talk to our Remote Coaching Advisor and your advisor helps you understand if the program is a great fit for you and who the best fit for a coach would be for you

You then speak to your coach in a Coaching Consult.  Your coach begins the process of understanding exactly where you came from, what you are built like, what your goals are, what your training history is, and what has/has not worked for you in the past so that they can gain a great understanding of exactly where your program should begin

Your coach sets you up on our training platform called Fitbot – this platform will become your go to for receiving your program, uploading videos, commenting on your workouts and receiving feedback from your coach on your program results.  It is an outstanding tool to help you keep everything tracked for the long run

Your coach puts you through an assessment so that they can get tangible data of where you are today.  Without that data their program wouldn’t be effective

Your coach goes back and designs your “split.”  A split is the style of training that you will do for months.  It doesn’t have exercises in it.  It contains HOW you will train so that your coach can recognize larger changes and not get caught up in the day to day like most other coaches

Your coach designs your specific program and posts it to Fitbot weekly.  This will allow your program to populate within the platform for you to see it when you need it

You do a once per month coaching consultation with your coach.  You have full access to your coach through Fitbot as well as email but it is a great addition to be able to sit face to face with your coach each month.  Our system is setup to send you an automated link to his/her schedule so that you never have to remember to schedule your appointment. We want to talk to you!

Throughout your experience your coach not only assesses and designs your program, he/she also helps design your nutrition protocols, your competition schedule, your lifestyle practices (sleep, hydration, stress reduction, etc…) and many other important factors to increasing your performance

The Remote Coaching Program is a brilliant way to take your fitness to the next level without having to uproot your life in order to receive world class coaching (link to Remote Coaching Page)


  1. How does the CCP Coaches Education work?


OPEX’s mission is to inspire through fitness and we can’t think of a better way to do that than getting to help coaches all over the world become professional coaches.  The program is done in a cohort manner where you are in a “class” with other coaches and you move through the modules together.  Those modules are:

Assessment – You will learn how to meet your clients where they are in their journey with anthropometrics (weight, body fat, etc…) assessments, movement, postural, and breathing analysis, and physical assessment to understand structural balance and other strength rations needed for their fitness journeys

Program Design – You will learn how to write well thought out and progressive program designs for your clients.  You will learn principles of weight training (reps and sets), energy system training (breathing etc…), and how to put programs together for the short and long term.  The program takes decades of scientific data and puts it into a very implementable system of training that you will be able to put into practice immediately following the course

Lifestyle Coaching – You will learn why “coaching” is at the base of the pyramid when it comes to providing your clients with the best results.  If you, as a coach, are able to listen to and resonate highly with your clients you will be able to help them identify what goals are the best for them to pursue because you will be able to speak authentically with them.  When you and your clients are in sync you will see their results ascend more quickly and for a long period of time

Nutrition – Without the proper nutrition program your clients will come up short in their fitness pursuits but in today’s fitness environment you need to be exceedingly careful to make sure that you are giving your clients the right nutrition protocol FOR THEM.  Too many programs make blanket statements about what is right for all clients when it really isn’t right for them. This course will teach you how to look at a client’s current nutrition, make tangible and powerful changes that fit within what your client’s goals and “essence” is, and help them build the lifestyle in order to support those goals.

Business Systems – Do you market yourself as a coach?  How effective is that?  Are you tracking your sales and marketing leads and moving them through a specific “pipeline” so that you are converting more potential clients into leads?  Are you thinking about how you can differentiate your business from the thousands of others out there?  This course will teach you how to stand out in a very crowded fitness market so that you can elegantly show your potential clients why you are a great option for them and it will also give you tools to run your business whether you are coaching in person or remotely.

Final Project – All great things must be earned and this is where the magic appears from the 5 modules.  As a coach you cannot go to a seminar and expect to be a great coach.  You need to practice, make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, grow, and continue your journey.  The Final Project puts you into place to execute on what you have learned.  You transform your abilities while going through this process so while it isn’t a module in and of itself it is a critical part of the process.

You have the ability to get ahead if you would like but you have calls that will keep you moving in the right directions and support in our membership site & forums to ensure that you continue to learn.  Here is the layout of the CCP Education:

You would have a conversation with our Education Advisor to make sure that the program is a great fit for where you are as a coach

When you are ready to start we can help you get up and running

You get access to the cohort group within the membership site and you get access to the OPEX membership site blog content which has an outstanding supplementary database of articles and videos designed to help you along your coaching journey

You have your kick off call for your cohort on the day the cohirt begins.  In this call will be you, James Fitzgerald, and the other cohort coaches.  You will be able to ask questions and engage with your coaching peers

You go back and begin the assessment course the month that the cohort begins.  We tell you how you can move through the course to get the most from it

You pass your assessment quiz on month one

On month two you spend your time implementing what you have learned in assessment into your coaching practice.  You can utilize your learning to begin working on your final project that you turn in at the end of your 5 modules

On month three you would move into Program Design theory and work your way through it where you would then pass that quiz at the end of the month.  You would then spend month 4 implementing Program Design into your coaching practice just as you did with Assessment

You would move through Lifestyle Coaching, Nutrition, and Business Systems in a similar manner over the next 6 months

You would then have an additional 2 months to finish up the final project that you had been working on every other month leading up to that point

You turn in your final project – James Fitzgerald grades it

Boom!  You pass and become an OPEX CCP Coach

Assessment–>Program Design–>Lifestyle Coaching–>Nutrition–>Business Systems–>Final Project


  1. Are there quizzes in CCP?


Yes – each module has a 50 question quiz at the end of it.  You need 80% to pass the quiz.  If you do not pass you have another opportunity to take it but the questions change and shift so take a little time to understand your mistakes before taking it again. Find out more here


  1. Does OPEX coach clients in different sport disciplines?


Yes – we work with CrossFitters, Endurance Athletes, Obstacle Course Racers, Weightlifters, Powerlifters, and other athletes whose sport is contained within the fitness discipline.  We work with sport athletes such as golfers, baseball players, track athletes, etc…Onsite at our Scottsdale headquarters but we do not generally work with them remotely .


  1. Can I go through OPEX Coaching Education (CCP) online?


Yes – you can go through the entire program online from any country in the world.  We do not currently offer videos or notes in languages outside of English but we have coaches from all over the world.  We always encourage our coaches to go to live courses when they can because it supplements the learning experience greatly.  If you are in one of the OPEX cohort groups (all 5 modules + final project) you would gain free entry into the in person courses 1 time for each course.


  1. Do you offer live OPEX Education Courses close to me?


That depends – We change our event locations each year but we have been to Australia, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Canada, and of course all throughout the United States.  Our audience is growing so we anticipate expanding our locations as we can. 


9. Do you have social media pages?  If so, what are the links to them?


Yes – we do.  Here they are:








10. Are there OPEX facilities, studios, or gyms outside of Scottsdale?


Yes – They are Licensed OPEX Gyms.  While they are not OPEX HQ, they went through the OPEX CCP Coaching Program as well as the rigorous 6-month OPEX Gym Accelerator Program.  Here is a list of the OPEX Gyms around the world.


     11. How can I learn more about what OPEX does?


Head to our Resources Page for a bunch of great information, free downloads, training plans, and other helpful tools for you

Head to the OPEX Blog to see our coaching and training philosophies, our client’s stories, and commentary about what’s happening in the fitness world


12. How can I get in touch with you to ask questions or get started with OPEX?


We believe in a one to one connection with our clients so we want to speak to you directly so please choose the place the best describes you and we will jump on a call with you to help you understand if we are a great fit for you:

Speak directly to our Education Advisor about OPEX CCP Education 

Speak directly to our OPEX Gym Licensing Advisor about becoming an OPEX Gym

Speak directly to our Remote Coaching Advisor


13. Is OPEX a CrossFit(R) Gym?


No – we are not.  We’ve worked closely with thousands of CrossFitters all over the world.  Our owner, James Fitzgerald, won the CrossFit Games, and we have work with a large number of competitive athletes.  We do not coach with the same style nor are we a CrossFit gym.  We do love the sport though! See the full story of OPEX here


14. Didn’t you used to be OPT (Optimum Performance Training) or are you different?


Yes – we went by OPT for a number of years.  James Fitzgerald used to post on the CrossFit(R) blog under the name OPT and it stuck.  That name just so happened to be the name of his gym in Canada so it stuck in a big way.  When James and his family moved to Scottsdale, AZ the goal was to keep the name OPT but trademarks didn’t allow that so we changed our name which ended up being a great way to expand our community out to new forms of fitness and new coaches across the world