Where Professional Coaching meets Great Fitness Business!

The OPEX License Program not only connects you to the Global brand of OPEX, but it teaches you intricately how to setup, structure, grow and create longevity in your business. It's the perfect combination of a mastermind group mixed with advanced education. 

Is Becoming an OPEX Gym right for you? 

To make postive changes, you have to be willing to "Open the kimono" and take feedback so that you constantly improve your business

If you fight everyday for your clients, your coaches, and yourself and if you are willing to hold yourself accountable for the next level, we want to speak to you

If you aren't willing to work hard, collaborate often, listen to feedback and get creative, this simply isn't for you

Quality begins with consistency and that is why all OPEX Licences will be educated with the Coaching Eduction Program (CCP) that has already educated over 2,000 coaches

Deep Coaching and Business Knowledge Combined

James Fitzgerald and Jim Crowell bring their deep experience in both coaching and business directly to your business. 

When you sign up to become an OPEX Gym you will immediately gain 2 new coaches who will be with you closely for 6 months as you implement all of the proper business systems into your business. 

You will never need to worry about being 'alone on an island' as an OPEX Gym. Our gyms, coaches and staff will support you through your entire journey. 

The OPEX Model creates a "Playbook" Where Everybody Wins!

The OPEX License Program will give you a systematic gameplan to build and improve your business from the ground up so that the 3 biggest stakeholders win. 

1. The Client
2. The Coach
3. The Owner

“OPEX has had a profound impact on my life. They have helped me upgrade my abilities as a Coach, reach new physical potential through OPEX's Remote Coaching and now they are supporting the growth of our new business model. They have helped me progress in multiple areas in my life. "

Jesse O'Brien
Owner, Central Athlete

It's time for fitness to go to the next level...are you in?

Yes, I'm in!

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