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The OPEX Gyms™ Model empowers the owner, the coach, and the client to succeed. We don’t just teach you what good business looks like, we build it with you one day at a time. Don’t settle for mediocrity, create your future with us.

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OPEX facilities are built on the premise that the client’s best interests must be aligned with the coach’s as well as the gym’s owner(s).

The OPEX Gyms™ Model is the perfect mesh of quality training and fantastic environment. You’ll immediately see and feel that you are different from other gyms. OPEX Gyms™ take the best of personal training, the smartest fitness program design, and the fun of the fitness gym environment and put it under one roof.


On the surface, the OPEX Gyms™ Model is a 6 month business accelerator filled with exclusive content but once inside, it’s filled with collaborative masterminds. You can expect:

  • Collaborative Weekly Group Calls with James Fitzgerald and Jim Crowell
  • Weekly Course Content (PDF Worksheets, videos and homework)
  • All-access to Membership Site weekly
  • Content/Videos and coaches-only forum
  • Annual OPEX Gyms™ Immersion Weekend


Strong mentorship can be the catalyst for immense change. James Fitzgerald and Jim Crowell bring over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry directly to your business’ unique needs and development. What to expect:

  • Weekly Coaching-Specific Calls with James Fitzgerald
  • Monthly 1:1 access to OPEX for business and fitness coaching
“The most important thing so far is the attention to creating systems for coaches, admin staff and functions. We are much more detail oriented and have a better handle on the back end of the business i.e.: the bottom line. We are also very pleased with the level of support we get from Jim, James and Mike Lee regarding the different areas of the business. One last point would be the help with marketing and advertising…it has vastly stepped up our game!”
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OPEX REGINA - with the owners Steve Volke and Hayley Fiegel