6 Week Training Plan

The right approach to training

Build Real Strength, Endurance, and Power

Every serious athlete experiences a plateau at some point in their training. 

The key to overcoming this, is changing the way in which you approach fitness.

This free guide will expose you to a completely new way to tackle training and ensure your athletic development for years to come. However, this is just a flavor of how we approach training programs.

Take the next step in your fitness evolution.

What’s Inside The Plan?

Over the next 6 weeks, you’ll be challenged to look at fitness differently. You’ll be challenged to look at yourself, what you are currently doing, and ask, “Is my programming the best for ME?”

Instead of going hard each and every day as is customary in many “group” fitness gyms, the six week program is intricately designed to address different facets of fitness.

  • Monday’s: Strength
  • Tuesday’s: Alactic Power
  • Wednesday’s: Aerobic Power
  • Thursday’s: Z1 Training
  • Friday’s: CP Battery
  • Saturday’s: Lactic Endurance
  • Sunday’s: Rest/Recovery