Andrew Rape- Remote Coaching Client

I started working with OPEX after I heard a few of my friends had OPEX coaches. I’ve been able to see what they’ve been able to accomplish by implementing OPEX’s philosophies, so I made the decision if it’s working for them, then I had to get my hands on it and experience it first hand. Also, I went to an OPEX athlete camp and was blown away by the methodical and intelligent approach to fitness. After that, I was sold.  Now I work with Mike Lee.

Last year, I finished just a few spots out of the 2015 Regionals and wanted to ensure I’m putting all the energy I can in the right direction.  Attacking all of my weakness while supplementing my strengths.  Strength is something that has always been a quality of mine but endurance was what I needed most help on.  Aside from fitness goals, I wanted my back to be pain free and to just have the opportunity to be comfortable in my own body.  I want to compete on the highest level possible, but not at the cost of comfort.

I’ve achieved so much since starting with OPEX.  First and foremost, my back no longer bothers me whatsoever.  I’m sure most people would be most interested in PR’s, more strength, and faster times, (which has been accomplished) but for me I am most excited that I can be comfortable on a daily basis and put my own shoes on without grimacing. I’ve gotten stronger, faster, leaner, and more capable in every regard including lifting, running, rowing, metcons, skills, etc.  Every facet of fitness that is a weakness gets identified and dealt with.

Right now, my current goals are to make it back to Regionals.  I made it in 2012 but since then, I’ve had a debilitating back injury that has kept me from being able to train to my fullest potential. I enjoy improving and being challenged so it gives me something to strive towards. Regardless of making it to Regionals or not, I’m just enjoying the ride and look forward to just seeing what I’m capable of.

My coach has empowered you to reach toward my potential by giving me what I need not what I want.  He tells me to do something so I make it happen. I use to program for myself, but being your own coach isn’t something that works because no matter what you’ll always be biased towards the things you want to do and not what you need.  Mike definitely keeps me in tune with what needs to be done.

Also, I have confirmed that regardless of how good I get at it, I will never enjoy rowing or running.  Despite my initial expectations that improvement must mean enjoyment, I’ve learned that it’s just not something I’ll ever want to go do 🙂 “Want to go run a warm-up mile?”, “No chance.” I’ve also gained plenty of perspective. What use to make me think “there’s now way” when looking at a workout, now I’m not too worried.  Not because I’m just that much more fitter, but because Mike has literally given me worse things.  Perspective is a powerful thing.

I try and remind Mike that I’m appreciative of him.  When it comes to training I just see it and do it, I’m not much for communication and conversation, but I work to remind him that I appreciate his time and knowledge. Definitely might still be struggling with back pain and frustrated with not seeing the results I’d like to see.  But not the case at all, looking forward to the future!

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