8 Must-Reads for March

8 must reads for march

Catch up on our latest happenings with these 8 must-reads for March.  

1. OPEXGyms.com is Live

OPEXGyms.com just launched and is connecting our worldwide network of OPEX Gyms and the coaches and clients that train within them. View the new website and find an OPEX Gym near you here.

2. The Mixed Modal Apprenticeship

We just wrapped up the first Mixed Modal Apprenticeship in celebration of our newest course Mixed Modal. This three-day experience took place at OPEX HQ in sunny Scottsdale, AZ and was a meeting of the minds for seven top-level coaches led by James Fitzgerald. Read the recap here.

3. An Expansion of the Leadership Team

As part of the global expansion of OPEX Gyms, OPEX Fitness appoints new CMO and COO, Kandace Hudspeth and Carl Hardwick. Find out more here.

4. From Garage Gym To Thriving A Personalized Fitness Facility

Business is good for Steve Volke and Hayley Flegel, the owners of OPEX Regina. Read about how they transitioned from a garage gym to a thriving personalized fitness facility in this blog.

5. Learn How to Build a Profitable Micro Gym

In How to Build A Profitable Micro Gym six panelists discuss the state of the fitness industry, the future of personalized fitness coaching, the OPEX Gyms business model, and how you can open an OPEX Gym. Watch Here.

6. The Good, The Bad, The Future

Listen to James FitzGerald on the Barbell Life podcast discussing the good, the bad, and the future of Functional Fitness. Listen Here.

7. Group to Personalized Fitness

Learn how to test Personalized Fitness within your group class gym in our latest blog.

8. Free Download: Energy System Training

In Case You Missed It: Download Our Free Guide to Programming Energy System Training. Download Now.


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