Meet CCP Coach: Kevin O’Malley

When did you start your OPT CCP Journey?

My OPT CCP Journey started less than a year ago, but I first stumbled upon the Big Dawgs Blog over three years ago, and have been implementing periodization training through our three phases of Lifestyle, Fitness, and Competition for the last 12 months. It took me over three and half a years of collecting data, working with the Big Dawgs Community, and participating in the OPTCCP Program to finally have plan of attack for my group classes, but also for my individualized clients as well.

I am have completed the OPTCCP Assessement Class, and currently am finishing up the Program Design and Business Modules Classes. I have also already signed up for the Online Nutrition Module Class as well.  Through my experience with the OPT Community and working with some of the best minds in the Fitness Community, my level of awareness of programming for my gym, individual clients, and overall personally for myself has grown since I began taking the OPTCCP.

Describe how the OPT CCP has changed how your run your facility?

Through taking the OPT CCP Courses I have finally created a facility that has a purpose and place of strength and conditioning. Through my own experience of taking and passing the OPT CCP Courses, I have excelled in my understanding of how, when, and why to program for my groups. We were the first gym in the area to have a Three Phase Training System, where each phase had a specific goal in mind for each and every client. Through the OPT CCP Courses we have initiated a program that meets everyone needs in our facility. We do not force things on people, but entertain the idea of making sure people are properly screened, assessed, and put into a safe and appropriate program without having the fear of injuring or hurting our clients.

What was biggest ‘ah ha’ moment you had as you started implementing the CCP material at your facility?

Our biggest ‘ah ha’ moment happens more than once a day, but ones that I recall the most are when people either move away or go away for some time, but always end up coming back to Vagabond. We always get the same response from these people walk back in our doors, “I just felt safer in here, and my results were more progressive.” I look at this comment and say, “Wow, we must be doing something right.”

What would you tell a coach considering the OPT CCP?

My advice would be to expand your horizons and open your mind. Through asking questions and trying to get better, you will succeed at whatever you want to accomplish. Through questions, you will receive answers, and with the correct answers from the right people, you will not only expand your mind, but you will expand your business as well. Through the OPT CCP, it challenges you to think outside the box, and have a plan for every aspect of fitness, whether it is the sport of fitness or a specification sport, you will be prepared to succeed, as long as you’re willing to do the work!


A. Thruster; build to a tough single fast

B. Row sprint 15 seconds @95%; rest 1:45 x4


Mobility/Skill work for opens

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  1. Being

    A. 235
    B. Complete, got to a 1:17 pace
    Worked on Butterfly C2B a little.

    I did 13.5 yesterday. Thought going in I’d make it past 4 min easy but was mistaken. 84 reps. I did a gymnastics kip thinking I would be able to pace better but I think it took too much time. Here is what my sets looked like

    Thrusters 15/15/8+7
    C2B 15/9+6/5+3+1

    My best fran is 2:44 and I did a 2:50 a few weeks ago. Will most likely give it another shot this weekend. I think by adding Butterflys and doing it later in the day I will be able to get past 4 min.

    Here is my video (i still haven’t figured out how to insert a link on here)

    Good luck!

  2. @Joe C – to do a rep every 2.67 seconds (sub 4 min round) I don’t think you can go without butterfly chest-to-bar. I really wish I could do those! Gonna be on my list for skills to pick up for next year. 🙂

  3. I agree 100% with Joe’s statement. I did it this morning and got 82. It was for sure losing my butterfly that cost me and I broke the last set of thrusters. I may try and do it again at home Sunday, but I doubt it. Although i would love to take another stab at it another time after getting more proficient at C2B’s.

    I am still coughing with a raw throat 3 hours later. Good luck to everyone going at it this weekend !

  4. Being

    A. Subbed push press to save R hip…225 (+10 pr)
    B. complete with 1:08-1:13/500m pace
    Practiced C2B…both butterfly and kip
    *thanks for the insights guys. This will be a grind for me…it’s not a workout that favors the longer limbed folks. Going to give this everything I have & leave it all out there. I must go ub on thrusters, will do ub butterfly first round and probably kip in rounds 2 & 3. Good luck to everyone! It’s been a fun ride training with all of you.

  5. Open 13.5 .. 80 reps


    I don’t know if it’s this event or the culmination of the Open, but my mind has been racing all morning. I feel like I have a decent skill-set for fitness but haven’t been able to display it. It is so incredibly frustrating setting standards for yourself and achieving marginal results. I set a goal of top 5% regionally and will probably end up at 6-7%!!! AAAHHH!!! Part of this is on me but part is on the programming bias. CrossFit, by definition, and the Open are so off from each other this year it drives me nuts!! Serious issues that need to be addressed for 2014:

    Define the purpose of the Open
    -it is absolutely intended for mass participation first ($$$) and regional qualification second
    -you can optimize both by creating more divisions

    Open Rx/Open Scaled … Open Competitive/Open Recreational .. you get the idea
    -recommended capacities for Rx participation .. these are the folks to closely monitor as a judging body and as a fan at the local and regional level

    Upholding standards
    -3/5 .. 4/5 .. 5/5 events with video for ALL (ind. and team) regional and games (masters) qualifiers
    -Master regionals for 40-45 .. maybe 20 per region?

    Constantly varied
    -predictability of events HAS to change (moderate load, WG couplets, 5 events @ 5-20 min AMRAP, one event per time domain)
    -give at least ONE task priority event next year!!!

    High intensity
    -the amount of limiters, such as high rep BW movements, for the sake of separating competition is NOT an aspect of their definition of fitness (work capacity) .. create a situation where work capacity in various ES can be displayed .. why include so many limiters? 13.2, 13.3, 13.5

    Functional Movements
    -MONOSTRUCTURAL (running and rowing .. everyone can measure out at least 25yds somewhere for shuttles), step down box jumps, broader movement pool, potential list pre-season equipment requirements for affiliate prep??

    -why not have multiple scored components in each event?
    -why not have multiple components to each week?
    -this year’s tiebreakers shows what could be done in terms of broadening the scoring beyond 5 data points

    Accountability of HQ
    -independent review board and explanation of event selection sometime post-season … in-breed growth is nasty!

  6. @Matt:

    Good points, here are my thoughts on your points just for the sake of conversation.

    Purpose: It is about participation and numbers in the open. Even the 13.5 announcement UFC style indicate they are trying to appeal to the masses although it may just have been coincidence. I didn’t mind it but I think Crossfit should retain the originality of which it was founded on. I’m not sure more divisions are necessary. From what I’ve seen I think your 40-44 year old age division is that sweet spot (at the moment) for separating the masses and older masters. Here you have the prime example of Grundler at the top of his game of whom barely missed a shot for the games but now falls in the new division of which I believe bridges the gap of the open division and Masters. If anything it will bring some excitement to the spectators that may have disregarded masters as true athletes or don’t give

    Divisions: This is a growing sport and it will evolve to a new beast every year. This to me is the best point and what I believe is the solution. Regionals and games is about moving lost of weight fast and being well rounded. When you are talking Froning/Annie, they could have the flu and still qualify. As for the mortal men and women now, getting to regionals has now become quite a feat. Question is, do the open workouts properly represent the demands required at regionals. Last year proved it did not with the burpee challenge and all the athletes it knocked out. For the open going forward, I think having an Open and Competitor class is a great solution here. What does that model do to numbers/rankings if a user is allowed to drop from pro to competitor class later on because they lack skill or strength required.

    Upholding standards: Videos for top competitors. Grey area and hot topic but problem is you never know who the top competitors are at any given time. One WOD can knock someone out of the game and another one in.

    Constantly Varied: Redoing WODs isn’t the place in the open in my opinion. What happened to the sectionals/regionals model where knowledge and experience was key. Here is the wod, 3,2,1, go, you get one shot. Now its, here is the wod and folks wait for the regular strategy guides to be posted, Lets time rounds and redo to squeeze every rep out of this thing we can. Call me old school but I think competition should be impromptu and reflective of what is to come. Leave previous year workout PR’s for training days.

    HI: Add an open/pro division and skills can probably be extended. Perhaps the answer here is more well thought out WOD’s that progress from pullups, to muscle ups, to bar muscle ups, etc.

    Functional Movements: Something you said here is clutch. Requiring specific equipment ahead of time. GHD situps will never be fair because every GHD is a little different in build and height. Rowers and Airdyne’s are debatably different as well depending on age and how well they have been maintained. But, say bar muscle ups, or parallette HSPU, having the right gear and pullup bars (triangle vs the twin rogue bars) is critical for folks to have ahead of time.

    Scores: The numbers game with 140k+ submissions is a touchy one. Tweaks similar to what James is doing will have to be tested and retested over time. None the less, a mistake with this many competitors and such a large event would be difficult a difficult recovery.

    Accountability: I’m not sure where you are going with this one. I’m not always happy with HQ decisions just because they don’t always work in my favor, however one thing I do know is that the game and rules are changing every year. Kind of like a roller coaster ride! hah

    Good luck on 13.5 everyone!

  7. Being

    A. 225 (pr)
    B. 89-90 Meters/ set
    Butterfly CTB skill work. Timed a round of 15 thrusters at a manageable pace with a set of 6/5/4 CTB around 1:04. Good luck tomorrow everyone!

  8. Being

    Did 13.5 this morning

    79 reps

    Thrusters were 15/15/10+5
    Kipping CTB 15/5+3+ don’ t remember/2+1+1

    I am convinced that you need to have some proficiency with butterfly style CTBs to beat the 4 min time cap. Starting round 3 really hurt. My plan was to go all out and not pace in order to shoot for as close to 90 reps as possible.

  9. In prepping for 13.5 tomorrow did something similar to part A for everyone. Worked up to a tough 3 rep thruster in 10 minutes. Had more there but didn’t want to do anything too taxing since i need a high score on 13.5 to ensure regionals bound.

    260lb thruster x 3 reps from rack.

    Good luck on 13.5 big dawgs!

  10. being

    A. #145 from the rack, in my sneakers
    B. 89/88/88/90m
    massage and C2B work. I definitely do not have kipping C2B’s, but I worked on making my gymnastic kip quick and efficient.

    Guys, as long as you leave everything on the table in the first 4mins, no reason to feel bad about how you did!

  11. Did 13.5 today because the affiliate is closed this weekend for L1 Cert course.

    138 reps

    Good enough, I’ll take it. Go hard from the get-go dawgs, it’s all about getting in those first 90 reps, then just hang on from there. CTB as much as possible.

  12. 13.5 today:

    88 reps

    Really disappointed. I went out of the gate too slow thinking that I would try to save a little for the next 4 min. Finished the first two rounds looked at the clock and only had 1:15 left to finish the last round and just couldn’t get it. Definitely paced it too slow in the beginning. I suggest going hard to hit that first 90 and then just grind it out after that.

    Good luck tomorrow Dawgs!

  13. Being

    A. 240#
    B. right around a 1:20-22 pace
    Butterfly ctb and hit a timed round of 13.5. Finished 1 round in 1:00 splitting the pull-ups in to 5’s. this is my plan for tomorrow. Balls to the wall for 4 minutes and then try and survive the rest, just want to get to 2nd 4 minutes. Solid work here and good luck tomorrow dawgs!

  14. 13.5
    4 min amrap
    15 Thruster 100#
    15 C@B
    if you get 90 reps then 4min extends to 8min and so on
    80 reps
    th: 15, 10/5, 5,5,5
    C2B 10/5, 4/3/2/??, 2,1,1,1
    This combo is hands down the most mentally punishing hot wod crossfit has to offer. Has scared me since the first day i did almost 5 yrs ago Throw in C2b and lil more weight on the bar and ascending ladders or time intervals and its pretty much legal torture.
    had something come up that really took my energy out of this one. went into it detached.
    got a lot less than i expected..not surprised. bittersweet OPEN run this year as i wasnt registered but completed all wods with a judge. 2 good weeks with regard to results, but great experience and connecting with peeps for 5 weeks. Very proud of awesome people around me and their amazing performances: Marcus Filly( World class Fran terminator), Lisa Rendic congrats on a very probable Games bid!, Danny Nichols, Dan Felling: a year ahead of schedule, and of course James Fitzgerald- not only educating us and challenging us always but showing us he still has got it.
    Good luck dawgs that are taking this on tomorrow or Sunday.

  15. Great job Chris !

    Did 13.5 today
    127 reps
    went hard for the first 60 reps then tried to pace the next 30 as much as possible
    then just tried to keep moving as much as possible.

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