Alex has spent the last 8 Weeks developing absolute pulling and pushing strength.

Weekly we used the power clean or the power snatch as a marker to see how pulling was progressing and we used different pushing variations to see how pushing was progressing.

Alex spent 3 days a week focusing on these priorities. We were able to check the box on our goals allowing Alex to move into the next phase of training.

Alex is coached by OPEX HQ Head Coach Brian Foley.

B) Power Clean and Jerk:
15 triples @ 70% of A, go at own pace; Perfect Reps; Film last set 

130#/15 rounds

C) Deadlift:
@3010; 8-10; rest 2 min x 4- build


D1) Single leg GHD Hip Extension:
@2112; 8-10/leg; rest 15 sec; rest 2 min x 4

8 reps each

D2) Push Press:
Axel Bar; @40X1; 6-8; rest 1 min

8 Reps each at 80#

D3) Prone Row
@20X1; 7-8; rest 2 min x 4

85# for 8 reps

E) 6 Rounds @ Constant Effort:
Dual Kettlebell Front Rack Walking 60 sec- As Heavy as Good Form Allows
3 Muscle-Ups
1 Parallette HSPU + come back down and hold 15 sec @ the bottom
Handstand walk 20m- Unbroken

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