Blaze’s program is focusing on getting exposure to unilateral knee flexion to strengthen stabilizers in squatting patterns. She’s also working on structural upper body movements to balance out her pushing and pulling capabilities and get the scaps strong for eventual dynamic gymnastics activity. Still, olympic lifts are not neglected, though touches are at low percentages that allow her to focus on technique. This is how a training session may look for her:


A) Hip Squat Snatch, 2 Hang Sq Snatch:
@ 60-70% 1RM; 8 sets OTM

B) Barbell Split Squat:
3010; 9-12/side X 3; 0:60 btw sides

C1) Supinated Narrow Grip Pull-Up:
71J1; 4-6 X 3; 0:90

C2) DB Bench Press:
3111; 9-12 X 3; 0:90

D) 5 Sets:
10 Alt DB snatches (build)
0:30 rest
10 GHD sit ups
0:30 rest
50 DU’s
0:60 rest

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