The Comprehensive Guide to Competitive Functional Fitness

The release of the comprehensive guide to functional fitness

The Groundwork Has Been Laid, Now It’s Time to Act

Mixed Modal is the latest course from the inaugural CrossFit Games winner, James FitzGerald. Through more than a hundred videos, FitzGerald uses his years of experience to explain how you can design a lifelong training program to take your athletes to the top of the podium.

The third module of the course, Practice, has officially been released. You can watch the introduction video for the course, here.

Inside Practice

Now that Sport and Energy have laid the groundwork of principles and theory it’s time to get into the meat of the course. Within this module, FitzGerald will dig deep into concepts that have either never been discussed in the sport, or have never been clearly laid out within the realm of functional fitness. This module is broken into four sections, all specific to an athlete seeking maximum physical potential in competitive functional fitness.

Chapters within Practice

  • Assessment
  • Planning
  • Program Design
  • Fueling

FitzGerald will take you through every aspect of working with a competitive athlete. From natural anthropometrics, athlete-specific fueling, to planning all levels of competition and the nuances within. This chapter puts “pen to paper” and designs all aspects of an athlete’s training program based on the principles laid out in this module as well as the Energy module.

Whether you’re a coach or an athlete, Mixed Modal you will teach you everything you need to know about the sport of competitive functional fitness, and most importantly how to design programs to take your athletes to the top of the podium.

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