The Good, the Bad, and the Future

The good the bad, and the future of functional fitness

The State of Functional Fitness with James Fitzgerald

James FitzGerald sat down with the Barbell Life podcast to discuss the good, the bad, and the future of Functional Fitness. During this podcast, FitzGerald talks about how he is planning to get Functional Fitness into the 2028 Olympic Games through his work with the International Functional Fitness Federation (IF3). A governing body that has set out to birth a new sport with the goal being the expression for coaches and athletes.

Later on, FitzGerald discusses CrossFit’s shift to a focus on health as well as the recent changes to the competitive landscape. He concludes by going in-depth into the biggest mistakes coaches make, the importance of understanding different contractions, and how to intentionally progress with functional fitness. You can listen to the full episode here.

This was the second time FitzGerald was on the Barbell life podcast, on his first appearance he discussed the science of muscle fatigue and periodization vs. random programming. You can listen to that here.

To support the goal of getting functional fitness into the 2028 Olympics FitzGerald is donating $75 from every sale of his latest course, Mixed Modal, directly to the IF3 Governing Body. Further your education by learning how to create podium-caliber athletes and support IF3 with FitzGerald’s latest course Mixed Modal.

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