How to Assess a Remote Athlete

James FitzGerald’s Weekly AMA: Assessing Remote Athletes

The idea of remote coaching is intriguing for many, but the remote nature can create some roadblocks for assessing the client’s movement. In this weeks Ask Me Anything sneak peak, James FitzGerald, tackles the question of “how should I assess a remote client that wants to compete in the sport of Crossfit?”

The Typical Assessments Are Irrelevant

James begins by saying “throw out all the traditional assessments, while it may be good to get some preliminary movement profiles, the rest of the assessment [OPEX Level 2,3,4] are irrelevant because they will have to perform the movements required for competition regardless”.

Assess with Mixed Modal

James follows this up by suggesting another option, his newest course, Mixed Modal. “In Mixed Modal there’s a two-hour video on how to test clients that covers their: strength, repeatable strength, power, repeatable power etc.” After testing this you will then understand what their program needs to be.

Some examples of tests laid out in the course include:

  • 30 Ring Muscle-Ups for time with an AMRAP score to start
  • Row 500m x 2
  • Row 30/30 x 4
  • And many more…

Within the course, James also breaks down scores that indicate success in the sport, what the tests tell us and methods to improve.

Use the Goal to Assess

James also provides a useful strategy by suggesting coaches work backward from the end goal. Identify what the client wants to achieve, for example, “do better in the Open”. Then put them through all of the last Open workouts and see how they score. Analyzing their results will give you a good starting point for what to work on. In order to use this method of assessment, the clients need to have the prerequisite skills required for the sport. Learn specific progressions for each of the skills in the sport with the Skills chapter of Mixed Modal.

The importance of conducting a good assessment cannot be understated. The assessment gives the coach the starting point for the program. A professional coach recognizes this and approaches the assessment systematically ensuring that they control for all variable and assess what is relevant for that client. Learn our systematic approach to the assessment with The Free 7-Day OPEX Coaching Course. Sign up, now and get our method of assessing delivered right to your inbox.

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