How To Navigate Personality Types as A Coach

10 minutes of fitness with James FitzGerald, Lean Mass is misunderstood

10 Minutes of Fitness With James FitzGerald: Navigating Personality Types

In this weeks 10 Minutes of Fitness James FitzGerald and Micheal Pilhofer discuss how to navigate personality types as a fitness coach. Much of what James covers in this episode was pulled directly from the consultation section of the OPEX System of Coaching. Get an introduction to the OPEX System of Coaching and our method for client consultations in this course.

Navigating Personality Types

“You are not always going to mesh with your clients,” says James. But what makes a great coach is the ability to separate the differences in personality and find a way to work with the client. James also challenges coaches to look at themselves first “We all judge different personality types consciously or not and coaches need to recognize this and ask why. You and your clients are not always going to get along like two peas in a pod, but it is not necessary to create great relationships with your clients”. Finally, FitzGerald brings it home with the idea of looking at each relationship as an opportunity to grow as this will make working with the clients easier and will improve the coach’s skills over time.

In order to deliver their service, coaches need to be able to work with a multitude of clients. Part of working with these clients is understanding their starting point. OPEX Coaches begin to understand their clients with the initial client consultation. During this process, OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) Coaches set goals, begin to build trust, and gather information about their lifestyle. Get an introduction to client consultations with our latest digital course, The Free Coach’s Toolkit. Take the first step to developing as a professional coach, today.

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