Every endeavor that Jim Crowell has tackled throughout his life has led him to his coaching role with OPEX. In school whether he was playing 5 sports in high school, competing as a member of the Big Ten Men’s Tennis at Penn State, or mentoring numerous students and athletes Jim’s reputation was built early around hard work and tremendous care for the people around him.

Even though athletics were a huge part of his college life Jim’s double major in Finance and Economics led to enter the hedge fund world where he would become an energy commodities trader in Austin. It was in that fast paced environment where Jim learned how crucial continuous education is. He found a great love of researching his craft inside and out. Learning became one of Jim’s highest values. That focus on learning helped teach him to strive for the best possible methods to benefit his clients.

After 5 years in the financial arena Jim couldn’t ignore his heart anymore. For the next 4 years he opened and successfully managed multiple fitness facilities in Pittsburgh. It was in Pittsburgh where Jim spent countless hours learning and testing principals with his athletes. But, he also tested those strategies as an athlete himself. His athletic drive solidified him a spot in the 2014 Individual Mid-Atlantic Regionals. He built his coaching reputation around two main points: progress and fulfillment. That reputation of positively impacting his client’s lives provided him the opportunity to work with thousands of wonderful people ranging from professional athletes, to adults hungry for better fitness and wellness, and to kids of all ages.

After his tenure in Pittsburgh he was honored to join OPEX. He has the privilege of working with inspired clients and learning from some of the finest coaches in the world. His unique experiences have helped him understand that everybody is unique. That understanding helps him insure that his approach for each and every athlete meshes with their specific goals and values in a way that will help them reach their highest potential in a way that they truly enjoy.

You can contact Jim at jim@opexfit.com.

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