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New from OPEX Fitness Ask me anything

An exciting addition to the OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP)

In order to support our goal of providing CCP Coaches with great coaching education, we are implementing a new Ask Me Anything (AMA) series with James FitzGerald himself.

James will be answering your questions weekly regarding the OPEX System of Coaching: Business of Coaching, Consultation, Assessment, Program Design, and Nourishment. His answers will be recorded in a video format and uploaded to the OPEX Fitness membership site.

How will the AMA work?

You will submit your questions in the Ask Me Anything section under the resources page in the membership site. Or click here to submit a question now. James will then select a number of questions weekly and will answer them in a video that will then be uploaded to the membership site. All questions and answers will be housed on the membership site for future access.

When will the AMA begin?

AMA is live now and the first video will be uploaded on February 6th!

If you have any questions regarding the AMA please contact support@opexfit.com.

Not a CCP Coach but still interested in the AMA? Apply for the OPEX Coaching Certificate Program today and take the next step towards becoming a professional coach.

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