How To Know When To Retire as an Athlete

Director of Coaching Mike Lee Shares His Thoughts

There comes a point in every athlete’s career in which they begin to question why they are pursuing their sport and if it would be in their best interest to continue. This conversation is an inevitability in the face of adversity and failure, as well as the duration of participation in any sport. Sometimes athletes find that they have never really felt emotionally connected to their reason for becoming an athlete. Failure to emotionally grasp their ‘why’ is a leading contributor to athlete’s retiring from their chosen sport.

In order to determine if it’s time to retire, you need to first look at your initial reasons for pursuing high level competition and if they still resonate with you today. Reasons surrounding why you compete can change, but your emotional attachment to them should not. OPEX Director of Coaching Mike Lee speaks further on the subject of retirement from sport in the above video.

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