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How Performance Training Can Lead to Low Libido

“Happy, Hungry, and Horny is Healthy”

– james fitzgerald

New tech has a habit of changing the way we interact with each other and live our lives. It’s also stirring things up un the fitness industry.

Emerging products and technology are giving coaches a wealth of valuable information into athletic development and performance. Crucial fitness data that would have taken a football pitch of scientists to collect can now be quickly discovered by a device wrapped around your wrist.

The Problem

One of the main reasons why people engage in physical activity is to look good naked. You’d be forgiven for thinking that looking good naked naturally leads to off the charts sexual experiences. However, many of those that engage in “high-intensity” exercise in pursuit of that perfect physique actually begin to experience a significant loss of libido in the long term.

How Sex Influences Athletic Performance

Much of the current reserach on the topic has been around how sex influences athletic performance. The area glaringly overlooked is how elite level performance and training influences an athlete’s libido and sex hormones.

Researchers at the University of North Carolina conducted a study into the sex lives of 1,100 active men, most of which were experienced athletes who had participated for years in training and competitions. This study compared these men’s exercise habits to their reported interest and engagement in sexual activity. The men whose exercise routines were moderate or light in intensity or duration were far more likely to report moderate or high libidos than the men whose workouts were especially prolonged or intense, even after the researchers controlled for age.

According to Anthony Hackney, a professor of exercise physiology and nutrition at the University, the results were conclusive: strenuous exercise was directly correlated with low libido.

Look Good Without Compromising Your Sex Drive

So what does this mean for those of usthat want to look good without compromising our sex drive?

“The biggest mistake people make when looking at CrossFit Athletes is to think they themselves must train that intensely every dat in order to obtain that desired functional physique.”


CrossFit Athletes have a higher potential of low libido due to the demands of the sport. Many that engage in CrossFit activity may not be at all interested in competing in the sport but exercise with the “intention” of training like a Games Athlete to develop that functional physique.

While the performance may eventually lead you towards that desired physique, it also greatly increases your chances of losing your libido and damages your sex hormone production.

So is it possible to have a healthy sex life and have the physique?

Yes, but it requires a radically different approach to fitness, one that advocates smart training coupled with good lifestyle practices under the guidance of a professional coach.

Here at OPEX, we’ve been playing with some new toys that have radically altered the way in which we coach and program for our athletes.

An OPEX coach can help you reach your competitive goals in a healthy manner.



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  1. Great stuff, guys. It’s definitely a delicate balance between training, nutrition, sleep and mindset that creates optimal hormonal health. What a drag it would be to work so hard in the gym only to find out you have become “dis-interested” lol.

  2. Hi James, great insights there. I concur with you that it’s wise to advocate for smart training coupled with good lifestyle practices as guided by a professional coach. Honestly, it is useless to work out so hard only for you to get your sex drive compromised. Hope a reader who thought daily intense training for desired functional physique is the only option on earth can learn something from the article and embrace good lifestyle practices as well. Thanks.

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