Matt comes to OPEX with years of experience coaching all walks of life. He has experience working with kids, the general public, fitness enthusiasts, sports teams, and high level athletes on program design, personal training, and group classes.  Matt was a college basketball player, and shortly after finding the efficacy of mixed modal training for himself, he began using it with success on clients and as a men’s and women’s college basketball strength and conditioning coach.

Matt decided to come to OPEX to continue to grow as a coach and athlete.  He has dedicated his life to this purpose and has learned from experiencing what he teaches first hand.  Matt is an OPEX Athlete on site in Scottsdale, Arizona and a CCP coach. His competitive attitude keeps him striving to see his full athletic potential and helps motivate his clients to achieve more than they thought possible.  Matt’s experiences as an athlete allow him to work exclusively with individuals wanting to take their fitness to the next level.  His experiences with personal training and his friendly personality also make him a perfect fit for on-site personal training and remote online training no matter what your goals are.

To have a consult with Matt contact him here.

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