Clients describe Michael’s dynamic background as “The perfect mix of academic intellectual and drill instructor.” His career has spanned from the U.S. Marine Corps, where he honorably served as an infantryman, to academia, where he taught a collegiate level anatomy and physiology lab as well as dissecting multiple cadavers. His passion for learning serves as the catalyst behind his ongoing quest to understand and master the functionality of the human body. Michael’s expertise in human biomechanics, anatomy & exercise physiology allows him to design programs that are tailored to each of his client’s specific goals – his client base ranges from arthroplasty patients recovering from surgery to accomplished athletes of various sports.

Michael’s experience working with some of the most notable physical therapists in the nation has enabled him to develop a unique system that integrates performance enhancement with functional movement and mobility. This unique system allows athletes of all backgrounds to pursue personal records while drastically decreasing or rehabilitating injuries. Seeing a lack of this holistic approach to training in the CrossFit community, Michael has joined OPEX to provide a platform that enables individuals of all backgrounds to become the best that they can be.

Whether you are an elite CrossFit athlete preparing for the CrossFit Games, a team sport athlete preparing for the season or weekend warrior rehabilitating an injury/looking to lose weight, Michael will provide the optimal programming necessary for you to reach your personal goals.

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