New Motivations: An Interview with CrossFit Games Athlete Tennil Reed

“I wanna finish higher than sixth place in the Games, that’s probably the only thing that matters to me.”

The 2017 “Fittest Woman in the United States” is on a mission to claim a new title, the “Fittest Woman on Earth” at the upcoming 2018 CrossFit Games. This desire has become an incredible source of motivation for the United States Champion, helping her grind through her daily training and reach new heights of performance.

“I guess you do this so many times, that you have to find new goals and new motivations to push you even harder.”

Last year was Tennil’s second appearance at the CrossFit Games. She finished in sixth place after a stunning first place finish in the obstacle course and a second place finish in the strongman’s fear event. She even had a chance to wear the coveted leader jersey on the third day of competition. Once the dust settled, Tennil received the ‘Most Improved’ trophy, which has become a symbol of her training and work ethic.

Since then, Tennil has been slowly building herself back up to CrossFit competition standards in an effort to beat her previous placement. The most notable difference in her training this year was that it was not done alone. She’s had the support of training partners like Colleen Fotsch and other OPEX Sponsored Athletes. Having a community of athletes to train and compete with daily has help raise Tennil’s motivation and changed the attitude with which she approached her training. It has helped her rediscover the reason why she fell in love with the Sport of Fitness in the first place; community.

The 2017 “Fittest Woman in the United States” will be returning to the upcoming 2018 CrossFit Regionals in the South to reclaim her title of “Fittest in the South” and hopefully win the coveted title of “Fittest on Earth.”

“I feel like if you’re not doing something in your life that makes you nervous or sick to your stomach you’re not growing, you’re staying constant.”

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