Leon Chatliow:
I recommend a thorough understanding of Hans Selye’s general and local adaptation syndrome concepts.  This suggests that whatever the actual health problem – and in fact the more complex the problem the more important this formula becomes – it is essential to appreciate that almost all health issues can be seen to represent failed/or failing, adaptation. Once this is understood it becomes important to consider which adaptive stressors can be identified – whether lifestyle, biomechanical, biochemical or psychosocial – and how these can be modified or eliminated. These adaptive stressors represent one facet of the therapeutic equation, which might involve postural, respiratory, nutritional, behavioral or functional factors. The other part of the equation that needs to be considered relates to way(s) in which functionality might be enhanced, so that the stress burden can be better managed. Aspects of this would entail improved strength, stability, flexibility and mobility – along with sleep, rest, exercise etc.
So the bottom line of this therapeutic formula boils down to – reduce the adaptive load, while improving function. The only other choice is to treat symptoms. Into this mix it is also critical that we tailor the therapeutic interventions to the ability of the individual to respond positively – so that treatment doesn’t become yet another stress burden.
 (courtesy of Jason Lomond)
Coach's notes:
I see a lot of comparison to fatigue models in pain and rehab to performance as I have mentioned often they are brothers and sisters; replace health issues above with performance and we can make an argument that all "lack of" or ability to increase performance is on the humans ability to adapt: skill, work, etc…adapt and survive and possiibly win!
(discuss in comments)
5 sets:
3 tough hang power clean
Row 400 m @ best 500 m row pace
rest walk 4 min after set 1, add 30 sec to rest/set
(add weight to HPC per set)
A. Close Grip Bench Press @ 40X1; 6,4,2,6,4,2; rest 3 min
3 sets:
10 tough KBS heavy
Run 400 m – work on efficiency
rest walk 3 min
part 1:
Run 5 min @ Z1 warm up
Run 30 sec @ high tempo working on breathing
Walk 30 sec briskly x 10
Run 5 min @ Z1 cool down
rest as needed
part 2:
A. Snatch – build to a tough single
B. Clean Grip DL – build to a tough single
C. WTd Dips – 2-3 x 3; rest 3 min
rest as needed
part 3:
for time:
10 box jumps – 36/30"
Row 1K
20 box jumps – 36/30"
Row 1K
30 box jumps – 36/30"
post notes and scores to comments
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  1. Being:
    A. 165,185, 205,175, 195,215×1
    70#-1:58(w/dog), 1:48(w/out dog), 1:42(w/out dog)
    Felt focused on last run, better stride, it actually felt good to run it
    and to finish strong.

  2. Will

    Part 1: Done. Legs got heavy after the 5th set.

    Part 2: A. 150 lbs – 5 lb pr!
    B. 365 lbs – had a lot left in the tank, but had to cut the workout short
    C. 1.5 pd x 3, 2 pd x 3, 2 pd x 3, same as B.

    Not looking forward to Part 3!

  3. @Nate –
    Some of the primal movement patterns: bend, squat, push, pull. I’d do deadlift, front squat, press (shoulder or bench) and weighted pull-ups. I also like a strongman implement or two…Baird has great ones above. I might add a drag of some kind to his list. Good luck

  4. This picture shows sheer determination and gritty effort… nice work ROBO

    Good luck overseas bro,


    A sheer strength competition would involve less specificity and technique so I think the classic O lifts are out. I also think there should be less emphasis on the barbell and more on lifting different types of weight. (IE: sandbags, rocks, stones, tires etc)

  5. Will

    Had fun with this one today, going to a wedding tonight so skipped the dips and will make up on Monday

    A. Warm up was good, intervals were somewhere between 170-190 meters per sets, cool down immediately after

    No rest

    B. Snatch 205, clean grip dl 425, skipped dips…stopped sn and dl early for time purposes

    C. 1930…did deficit hspu with 45# rogue bumpers…box jumps were consistent, rows were between 145-150 to stay consistent and keep going. Hspu w/ deficit by far harder and limiter

    Gonna eat gluten and drink tonight so ill rest again tmrw and make up tmrw Monday afternoon

  6. Function
    Used first two rounds as a warm up due to time.
    HPC: 75-85-95-105-115
    Time: 1:57-1:57-1:58-2:15-2:16
    Pace: 2:05-2:00-1:55-2:03-2:03

    Couldn’t keep the goal pace of 1:55. Next time…

  7. Being

    95, 105, 110, 100, 110, 115



    Sets done with the 70# kettlebell.. First time using over 53#. I got used to the swings by the 3rd set and started to pick up speed on the run. Runs with a turnaround and hills.. Had fun today!

  8. WILL
    part 1. Did warm-up and 6 sets of the 30 sec. Shins are still hurting from the 3,000m in SD, felt like I was really ‘slapping’ the ground. Gotta take some time to heal. Ice, any other recommendations to help heal my shins?

    part 2. No speed on snatches. Took a DNF.

    Coached 3 classes.

    Thought some heavy sumo DL might get me fired up for part 3…Thinking “Athletic Essence”
    😉 Hit a PR Cluster set: 440 x 1,1,1 (30sec rest)

    Part 3. 16:51
    HSPU were my only saving Grace.
    Dogged the row and BJ were slow and really freakin high.

    Rest day tomorrow, back on Monday.


  9. Awesome pictures.


    A. Complete
    B. Not complete, possibly later but legs are pretty smashed from heavy back squats and thursdays WIll yesterday
    C. 22:28, not fun, HSPU took me forever, 30′ width, most-all kipping

    Gnarley times on part C dawgs!!

  10. Being

    A. 135/ 145/ 155- 145/ 155/ 165
    went too light on these
    1:50 @ 70lb
    1:57 @ 75lb
    1:58 @ 80lb
    worked on efficient strides on the run without over-reaching.

  11. Per the Adaptation Syn. discussion above:

    Is it safe to argue then that (1) we have an inherent ceiling of genetic stress tolerance (i.e., unique to each person, some are effected productively/unproductively by stress in greater or less amounts depending on the person, and individually dependent on the TYPE of stressor (some folks adapt better to stress in high CP load requirements, some better to stress in high aerobic load requirements (expression of adaptation)) and, (2), that when we exceed our unique capacities to manage stress, bad things happen?

    If the above is true, is “stress” viewed a a global, systematic function (one unit), with many expressions, or viewed as many different types of “stress” (several units), with only three outcomes (homeostasis, adaptation/supercompensation, or decompensation)?

    What markers/tests are there to find out what types of stressors someone handles best (OPT speak: engines, gears…LOLZ), and, when someone is presented with a stressor that isn’t unique to their capacity (i.e., strength background with a requirement for aerobic adaptations), what the best course of action is to handle that situation?

    My questions is simply: stress as a S&C variable, do we only factor in the greatest requirements for stress, or EVERY requirement for stress (sleep, sex, sugar, anger, lifting, running, hydration, relationships, etc.).

    Probably just effed myself out of a response

  12. nate :

    strength comp ideas :

    1. 45 seconds for: 1 x 1000 lb tire flip, 3 X 800 lb tire flip, 5 x 600 lb tire flip
    2. 5 minutes to find a 3 rep max barbell stationary lunge
    -right and left leg for first 2 reps, right or left leg for 3rd rep
    -hip crease must go below parallel
    -you must stand back up to stationary starting position for completed rep
    3. max reps of 1 arm/2 ropes climbs(20 feet)ascends and descends
    -right arm on one rope, left arm on another rope.
    -ropes appx. 4 feet away from each other.
    -ascend and descend count as reps. ex. 4 ascends and 3 descends = 7 total reps
    -climb up the ropes, then one hand must touch the platform 20 feet high = 1 ascend(1 rep)
    -walk your hands down both ropes descending, cant just fall or slide down. must do this all way back to your starting standing position = 1 descend(1 rep)
    -continue until failure or noticeably sliding down the ropes on the descend

  13. 4. On the minute until failure : 2 weighted dumbell burpees to oh press(manmakers sort of)
    -start standing over dumbells, drop to floor, chest and quads to deck.
    -stand up with dumbells and press overhead locking out. back down to ground with burpees
    minute 1 = 50 lb dbell burpees
    minute 2 = 75 lb dbell burpees
    minute 3 = 100 lb dbell burpees
    minute 4 = 120 lb dbell burpees
    minute 5 = 140 lb dbell burpees
    minute 6 = 160 lb dbell burpees
    minute 7 = 180 lb dbell burpees
    minute 8 = 200 lb dbell burpees

  14. Will:

    Part 1: 2.18 mi total at globo on treadmill (9.0-10.0, next time start at 9.7)

    drive to CF

    Part 2:
    SN – 215 (no PR attempts today. felt OK, work on finishing pull and keeping bar close to hips)
    Clean 255, 275F, 280F (DL’s on thursday so sub cleans, missed 275 and 280 due to weight being too far in front, slow elbows and not releasing hook grip)
    Dips: 70#x5 for 3 sets, short rests

    short rest before part 3

    Part 3: 21:01

    HSPU with hands on 45# bumpers (3″ high EROM) head to ground
    paused for 1min or so during 2nd row when a customer came into the gym and asked a question

    (7:10, 9:48, 4:03) splits taken after row. row at 1:54 pace
    rows were limited by lactic acid burn in legs, not breathing. HSPU’s all broken, BJ’s slow but steady.

  15. Being:

    Thursday’s15 minute 3-6-9 AMRAP

    6 rounds+1

    MU’s and PC’s unbroken — Pistols were a wreck. Left side of my body wants to self-destruct as soon as I approach parallel.

  16. Will

    Part 1 – played hockey today instead, first time out this year. Felt good. Hands not so smooth.

    Part 2 – Skipping until tomorrow

    Part 3 – 18:24

    HSPU’s weren’t great, but not terrible. Box jumps were slow, but steady. Rows pace was 1:45-1:50ish.

    Doing the “Oktoberfest” 5k run tomorrow morning. Plan on doing tomorrows wod later in the day too if possible.

  17. Will

    Part 1

    Completed, runs and breathing felt good and controlled..

    ( dynamic warm up 10 min)
    Part 2

    A..235 wanted 245 but got kicked out of Jim due to yoga,,very unhappy,,,drove to cf Jim number 2 and finished up…
    B. 425 shoulders started to go forward so stopped there
    C. 102, 3 reps for all..

    2 hr rest

    Part 3


    Low energy
    Stopped a little short of amrap for hspu,,(27,3) (15,5) (10). Bj–eh tried to keep a steady pace,,wish I would have pushed harder but that’s been my problem lately…rows were a total sandbag,,no pop in pull

  18. Will:

    Prt 1: complete…lots of lactic acid.

    Part 2:
    A. 195, failed 205 3 times in the catch position would have been a 5lb pr
    B. 385lb
    C. 1 set with 88lb db and belt broke so called it.

    Resting a little and hitting part 3. Legs and arms are feeling thursdays double dose of will and being.

  19. Will

    Part 1. Complete

    Part 2.
    A. Snatch, worked up to 185lbs. Felt the ps, and ohs from
    the other day.

    B. 425lbs

    C. Around 103lbs, did three reps everytime.

    Part 3.
    All hpus’s were unbroken and fast. BJ’s felt great, set of 30 was a grind. Worst part for me today was the row.

    Thanks to csc’s steve, pete,and mike for the push.

  20. Prepping for next weekends comp.

    -Quickly build to heavy single in Power Snatch: 205, 225, 235, 245PR!, felt great so went for snatch pr.
    Hit 265. Felt great, so went for another. Just missed 275.


    3 Sets @ 100%:

    10 tire flips – heavy
    15 burpee box jumps
    150m ish sled drag
    rest 8 min., rest 10 min.

    1:59, 2:57, no go

    Misjudged weight on sled big time and was flat out of gas, haha. Oops. Good session either way.

    Jealous of today! Can’t wait to be back Dawgs.

  21. Function

    HPC: 73 – 83 – 88 – 93 – 98
    Row Times: 1:34.3 / 1:32.5 / 1:35.5 / 1:37.4 / 1:34.3
    Pace: 1:58 / 1:55.6 / 1:59.3 / 2:01.7 / 1:57.8

    Was shooting for a 1:56 – 1:57 pace

    I did the row 1:00/5:00rest x 5 *10 min rest* 1:00/5:00rest x 5 yesterday which really helped my technique for today, but legs are definitely feeling it.

  22. Being

    155,165,175,165,175,185. Tempo tough last 4 reps.

    1:38,1:37,1:35 all 2 pood.

    Thanks to Popeye at Crossfit Optimium Performance in Vancouver for letting me use his gym.

  23. WILL “Stupid-useless-hand day”

    Part 1 – Complete
    *not sure about distance. Used 2 treadmills, ran at 11.0 mph and walked at 3.5 mph. Estimate somewhere around 2 miles.

    Part 2
    A. Skipped *cannot snatch with broken hand
    B. Stopped at 225 due to hand. Hard to hang on to the bar. Absurdly easy weight
    C. 90, 90, 90 (all for 3 reps) *easy weight, but hard on hand.

    Part 3 – 11:42
    *had to put hands on plates to avoid bending the wrist, so I put one under my head as well. Didn’t feel like doing EROM HSPUs today!


  24. part 1:
    Run 5 min @ Z1 warm up
    Run 30 sec @ high tempo working on breathing
    Walk 30 sec briskly x 10
    Run 5 min @ Z1 cool down

    rest as needed

    part 2:
    A. Snatch – build to a tough single
    B. Clean Grip DL – build to a tough single
    C. WTd Dips – 2-3 × 3; rest 3 min

    rest as needed

    part 3:
    for time:
    30 HSPU
    10 box jumps – 36/30″
    Row 1K
    20 HSPU
    20 box jumps – 36/30″
    Row 1K
    10 HSPU
    30 box jumps – 36/30″
    PT 1:

    complete. no z1 cool down
    200+ m per 1 min-
    15 min rest
    Snatch. 155-165-170pr- 175pr! missed 180. very psyched about this. Had a goal to snatch BW (183) by end of year-think i can get it by b-day 11/7.. my snatch was at 145 at beginning of year.
    B. CDL 345
    1 hr 15 min rest
    C: WTD dips 53, 79,88, all for 3 reps. did it was bands..bouncin all over the place.
    right into PT 2:
    17 hspu UB. rows were 3:55-felt slow held back a bit,felt like i had nothin.
    BJ 37″ one at a time. plates on 30″ box.

  25. Robo- awesome pic… sheer will(power)… great job on grace btw

    Nate- agree with rory… if trying 2 test strength, skills such as oly lifting should b out. (of course one could argue that any movement possesses some skill component… but whatever 4 now)… I like the thoughts of lifting something heavy 4 reps in a 60-90s time domain, lifting something heavy x1 rep, carrying something heavy for distance, pulling something heavy a distance (truck/car pull… vs pullup bc then u sort of take the persons weight out a little)… heavy shoulder to overhead (time/reps), throwing something heavy (distance/height)


    part 1
    20 min of running complete
    30s on intervals- breathing and front side felt gd/snappy…

    part 2
    A- 185
    B- 415
    C- ring dips- 135(3)/ 145(3)/ 160(3) (pr)

    part 3
    – HSPU – 12/8/7/3, 12/5/3, 10
    – BJ steady… held off from tng today
    – rows ~3:45ea


  26. Being


    Wasn’t sure what I’d be able to do at that tempo, so had to play around with it a bit…didn’t feel strong on these at all.

    Instead of part 2, I did our gym’s WOD, which was in honor of our owner’s teammates killed 8 years ago today by a road side bomb while they were entering the Gaza Strip:

    “Fianna Fail”

    400m Run
    10 Burpee Pull ups
    200m Run
    10 Kettlebell swings (1.5/1 pood)
    100m Run
    10 Burpee Box jumps (20″)
    400m Run
    1 Rope Climb
    400m Run
    10 Burpee Box jumps
    100m Run
    10 Kettlebell swings
    200m Run
    10 Burpee Pull ups
    400m Run


  27. “Will”

    Run – complete plus 20sec sled drags

    A. Snatch – 200lb (felt good) went for pr of 210lb and failed 3 times….technique, technique…need help

    B. 503lb clean DL

    C. Hspu, bj, row – 21:58….hspu got the best of me, bj’s were rapid fire, and row was cake

  28. “will”


    Part 1:

    2.5 miles- fasted

    rest 4 hours

    Snatch- 250- failed 255

    Clean grip deadlift- 395

    WTD dips- 70# x 3, 140 x 3, 175(f), 140 x 2

    rested 5 hours

    HSPU Unbroken hands on 45# plates- head to abmat- strict
    Box jumps competition standard
    rows- 3:37. 3:48- not happy with pacing here, especially 2nd one, lost composure a bit

    – lower back has been very fatigued since thursdays 15 min extravaganza. Erectors were very sore and felt weak going into snatches today. Pulls felt decent, but my inability to tighten my back before snatch pulls and clean grip deads really played a factor in weights achieved. Overall, very solid training week.

  29. Will

    Part 3: 16:27

    HSPU broken (26+4, 10+10, 10) hands on plates – head to abmat (I gotta have some cushion for my bald head). Box jumps were slow but UB. Rows were slow, right around 4:00 each. Tried to stay out of the redzone. Love chasing Matty B on these workouts!

  30. Will
    Part 1
    Runs complete. Around 3400m total including z1 runs
    Rest 5 min
    Part 2
    A. 170
    B. 405 first time pulling over 400 since back injury
    C. 32/40/48kg x 3
    Rest 6+ hours
    Part 3
    21:34 hspu limiting. Rows 3:38/3:41. Box jumps steady throughout

  31. Haven’t posted in a while, but I did get to experience an amazing weekend in San Diego at the Big Dawg Bash THANK YOU to the whole OPT crew & Invictus for an amazing experience. I’m grateful to have met the Dawgs I got to chat with and also the ones I didn’t meet but worked out with. I learned a lot last weekend and am happy to make changes that I feel that are needed.

    Athletes “Essence”, noticing I’m noticing(though it is not a new concept but a forgotten one that I have reapplied as if it was my first day), the sense of being that James owned, and the “Flow” of a well orchestrated weekend gave me the subtle change in direction that I knew was needed and why I needed to attend the bash, so thank you again(next stop CCP Courses).

    Went for a trail run doing some sprint intervals(feelin the lower back from the PC’s on thurs. So no KBS)

  32. Being

    CG Bench: 105/115/125/115/130/145
    Finally getting the hang of the close grip bench while maintaining tempo.

    2:10 / 2:05 / 2:07
    I thought the 1 min runs from earlier this week really helped with this. Set 3, final 150m learned I had an extra gear to use. Learning alot about my engine.

  33. Being

    Forgot about the tempo for the bench…
    115#, 125#, 135# x 1, 115# for all remaining sets

    Wasn’t feeling these todays. Eating hasn’t been great and hence I have an upset stomach today.

    Used 55# KB
    2:23 (1 no rep KB)
    Ugh…I love running…I love running… 🙂
    Did push myself on the run and I swear I will get better before Chicago!!!! 🙂

    Otherwise just happy to be back…

  34. Easing back in, first day back in a week. Feel skinny and weak :). Did a slightly modified being.

    NGBP: 155, 195, 225, 175, 205, 235/1
    3 sets of:
    10 double 53 russian swings
    150m run, focusing on good form and attentive to achilles
    30 second row at high effort
    3 min rest

    The BP tempo got me. Runs actually felt pretty ok. I’m thinking of upping run volume gradually over a few months to strengthen the leg.

  35. Will [mike mcgoldrick still speak to me when his snatch pr is 2x my snatch pr]

    part 1 done on an airdyne. ave 500w during sprints, 50w during rest
    part 2
    A. cleans instead of snatches due to shoulder pain. 125k. Bar felt heavy today. Missed 133
    B. Snatch dead 160k
    C. Ring dip 45k for 3

    part 3
    Hspu on floor and strict. Very tough but pleased with effort. Spend most of my time here but did relatively steady work even though it was slow.

    Rows around 3:35-3:39

  36. Being:

    A. 135, 155, 175, 135, 155, 175

    B. 2 pood (wanted to swing the 90# but couldn’t find it)

    2:32 (w/ 1 year old in the jogging stroller)

  37. “will”
    part 1
    felt smooth, good body control and breathing
    rest 5 minutes
    part 2
    a. 205
    b. 405
    c. 53, 66,79x 3
    rest 10 minutes (had to squeeze it in)

    subbed strict shoulder press @95# due bad wrist
    slow on box jumps did not try rapid fire until last set of 30 and realized it was not that hard
    row was around 3:45/ 3:50
    part 3

  38. A – Did Bench AM 80,85,90,95,100kg

    Only had 30kg DB and ran on Tready, working my running back up but so far so good. All around 1:45 – 1:50 Comfy pace at 15 on Tready.

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