Competition, Systems, and Professional Coaching

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OPEX CEO Jim Crowell on Competition, Systems, and Professional Coaching

Recently OPEX CEO Jim Crowell sat down with Todd Nief on his podcast to discuss competition in the fitness industry, the balance between systems and structures, and connecting with your core client.

Crowell outlines competition broadly, to truly stand out a coach must know where they fall within the industry. Coaches are not just competing with other gyms but they’re competing with at-home workout options and large corporations. So, for a coach to truly succeed they must define their segment and define how they standout within the industry. Learn how to define your market and the business of coaching with this free mini-course.

During the podcast, the two also discussed the balance of creating systems and structure while still allowing for the creativity and craftsmanship of the coaching profession. Coaches can get overwhelmed with creating systems because typically that is not why they started coaching. However, coaches need systems to be ready for any situations that might arise. You can listen to the full episode here.

Later in the podcast, Crowell got into how to leverage tribalism in your target audience. When trying to connect with an audience identify where they are and meet them there. People are tribal, they are self-selecting and move in groups, the better you can speak to the group as a whole, the better you will be able to connect to the right target audience.

To make a career out of coaching, coaches need to understand core business practices. In order to teach coaches the business of coaching OPEX CEO Jim Crowell helps has contributed to our free mini-course the Coach’s Toolkit. Learn the business of coaching and sign up for your free course, today.

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