Read why HERE!

What does “since ‘99 mean?
We have been coaching, educating, training and mentoring client and coaches in the fitness industry since 1999.

What is OPEX’s philosphy?
Same as what OPT’s was with a new name!

Our Mission:
We aim to inspire, empower and challenge individuals to reach their highest potential.

Will your service offerings change?
No.  We will continue to offer Exclusive Coaching, Coaching Education, Camps, Membership Site, Supplements/apparel, Training, Blog, OPTathlon, etc.

Will you still be offering the OPTathlon?
Yes!  Next event is Saturday, November 8, 2014.  Register HERE

Where can I get a new OPEX t-shirt?
You can PRE-ORDER your shirt HERE.  Our apparel is in the process of being printed.  We are estimating it will be ready to be shipped out the week of September 29, 2014,  Orders will be processed on a first come, first serve basis.

I am a member to the OPT membership site, how will this affect my membership?
There will be no affect to your membership.  The URL will change for the login site, but this will not affect access.  We will continue to add content, answer forums questions per usual.

I am a certified CCP coach how will this affect my certifications?
All certifications will be updated with the new OPEX logo.  We will be contacting all Level 1 certified Coaches and mailing out new certificates.  If you wish to have a revised module completion document emailed to you, please contact Kegan@optexperience.com

I am a regular follower of the OPT daily blog will this affect it?
No.  The training blog will continue to be posted daily filled with great information that are both useful to your training, and fitness lifestyle.

I am an Exclusive Coaching Client (EC) will this affect my training with my coach?
Not at all, , your coach, is still your exclusive coach with OPEX, and will provide you with the same level of coaching services, programming, and advice as before.

I am registered for an upcoming OPT athlete camp how will this affect it?
It will not affect your upcoming athlete camp time, date, and location are still the same. You will be coached by the same amazing coaches and provided the same experience.

I am registered for an upcoming OPT CCP course how will this affect my course?
It will not affect your upcoming course, time, date and location are still the same. The same CCP content is still used within the course, just under an evolved name OPEX

Does OPT still exist?
OPEX formerly known as OPT is made up of the same great team, information, and resources, just under an evolved name.

Can I still access the same useful information from the OPT site
All the information you have grown to love and use daily in your coaching and training, is still accessible in exactly the same format.

Where can I purchase a vintage OPT shirt before they go out of stock?
Right HERE at our store, supply is limited so don’t wait around too long

When will I see all these changes take place?
These changes are taking place over the next few weeks, look out for more exciting news on OPEX on our social media platforms, Blogs, and Emails.

What will happen to coach’s and staff’s former emails?  Will they redirect to their new emails so that they don’t miss emails from me?
Their old emails will continue to be active through redirection. The OPT main site URL will change shortly, however all former OPT URL’s will remain active through redirection.

Will we need to “LIKE” a new facebook page?
All formerly OPT social media platforms will be updated with OPEX, however you will not need to re-like or re- follow these platforms, they are simply being updated to reflect the OPEX brand

Will this increase the number of CCP courses, athlete camps, or competitions that OPEX puts on outside of Scottsdale?
We are constantly strategizing on ways to to innovate and bring the OPEX methodology closer to you, If you want to host a camp or CCP course in the future contact Meghan Sweet at Meghan@optexperience.com