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A New Look For OPEX Gyms

OPEX Fitness restructured last year in order to focus on coaching education and the global expansion of OPEX Gyms. As 2019 kicks off, OPEX Fitness is poised to continue its growth in educating coaches and OPEX Gyms. We are proud to announce the launch of OPEXGyms.com, a global solution that will connect clients and OPEX Gyms. Find an OPEX Gym near you here.

OPEX Fitness Appoints Kandace Hudspeth to CMO Role

OPEX Fitness is pleased to announce that Kandace Hudspeth will be the first to hold the position of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Hudspeth brings an outstanding track record of brand innovation and market growth to the OPEX Fitness team. She will put her focus into growing the OPEX Fitness brand globally amongst coaches and clients. Hudspeth previously held the Director of Marketing role at OPEX Fitness, the role of Vice President of Brand Innovation at Bodybuilding.com, and was the Chief Digital Integration Officer at McCann Erickson.

“Our gyms are as diverse as the people who own them, coach in them and train in them, but they all share one common goal: To deliver the best experience in fitness, period. I am excited to be here with this team, to share their powerful stories, and to create a meaningful impact on the fitness industry ” – Kandace Hudspeth, OPEX CMO

OPEX Fitness Appoints Carl Hardwick to COO Role

OPEX Fitness is also pleased to announce that Carl Hardwick will be the first to hold the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO). Hardwick brings a deep understanding of strategic operations along with extensive coaching and fitness industry knowledge. He will focus on improving the quality and efficiency of our coaching education, our licensing program, and scaling the OPEX Fitness team. Hardwick previously held the Director of Operations role at OPEX Fitness and has experience operating within collegiate strength and conditioning programs as well as owning fitness businesses within the private sector. He continues to own multiple OPEX Gyms and has spent six years in the medical field in the US Army.

“I am excited for the growth of OPEX Fitness and the direction we are moving towards as a company. I am looking forward to being a big part of delivering the best coaching education in the industry and building the brick and mortar facilities for our coaches to execute on that education”. – Carl Hardwick, OPEX COO

“We constantly strive for quality in all areas of our business. The addition of OPEXGyms.com will help OPEX Gyms impact far more clients’ lives than before. With Kandace and Carl taking on new roles within OPEX, the quality of our work will immediately increase across the board.”  – Jim Crowell, OPEX CEO

OPEX Fitness is a global community of individuals who know that their best service to society is to become the best versions of themselves. They live for that, every day. Become part of that community and find an OPEX Gym near you.

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