OPEX Fitness’ Newest Course Programming: Strength

OPEX Fitness’ Newest Course Programming: Strength

The OPEX Podcast Episode 67: Keegan Martin and Kevin Don

Strength training is the most effective way to resist aging and with the rise of sedentary lifestyles, your clients need to focus on building their strength more than ever before. Thankfully OPEX Fitness has just released the perfect tool to help you build strength in your clients for a lifetime, Programming: Strength.

In this episode of the OPEX Podcast Keegan Martin and Kevin Don join us to discuss the latest course from OPEX Fitness, Programming: Strength. During the podcast, the two instructors of Programming: Strength cover what to expect in the course, essential movement patterns, and their new live courses. You can listen to the full podcast here.

Programming: Strength, A Practical Course

Programming: Strength is the last practical strength course you will ever need. Keegan Martin and Kevin Don, realized that there was a misconception amongst coaches in the fitness industry about what clients actually need and no education out there to change it. “Most people just need a good base of strength and aerobic capacity, not the middle lactic stuff that is so popular,” says Kevin. Centered on strength with a focus on programming this course provides coaches an education on the big three strength movements (squat, bench press, and deadlift) along with tactical knowledge of how to program progressions for a lifetime. Learn more about the course here.

Essential Movement Patterns

Later in the podcast, the two instructors cover the five essential movement patterns included in the course. These five movement patterns (bracing, hinge, hip abduction, scapular abduction, and scapular depression) are considered essential for the proper execution of the big three strength movements. Not only does the course cover the five movement patterns but it also dives deep into how a coach can go about programming accessory work to fix deficiencies.

New Live Courses

The last topic covered in the podcast is the new Programming: Strength Live Courses. Held in sunny Scottsdale, AZ these live courses are your chance to learn directly from the instructors yourself. “While the course covers implementation these live course will go into greater detail,” says Keegan. “In these courses, coaches will learn how the lifts should look for different types of clients depending on their limb length, prior experience, and sex, it is really a deeper dive into implementation.” 

What Your Clients Need

Currently, the fitness industry is misleading coaches. While intense exercise under short time frames is gaining popularity it is in fact not what the average client needs. What clients need is a solid foundation of strength that will allow them to effectively resist aging. Learn how to coach and program just that by signing up for our course Programming: Strength.

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