A Test With the SMARTJUMP System

While squat numbers and mile times can tell you a bit about an athlete’s strength and aerobic capacity, an athlete’s jump speaks volumes about their overall fitness. Here at OPEX, we’ve been using the SMARTJUMP technology from FusionSport to measure power production, sustainability, and drop-off during a workout.

The Test

We conducted a mixed modal aerobic session with an onsite athlete here at OPEX HQ. This athlete was tested using the SMARTJUMP before, during and after the assigned workout.

The workout was as follows:

3 Sets of 15,12,9 Rep Scheme

KB Swings 53 Lbs.


Double Unders

Following the completion of a set. The athlete would than wait 30 seconds and than complete a vertical jump on the pad of the SMARTJUMP system. After this, the athlete would rest for 90 seconds and proceed into the next set.

The Results

The athlete had an initial jump of 24.7”

After 1st Round: Completed 3:50 and jumped 24.8”

After 2nd Round: Completed 4:22 and jumped 25.6”

After 3rd Round: Completed 4:23 and jumped 25.2”


What Did We Notice?

This data actually correlates with what we’ve been seeing since 1999 when we started programming mixed modal energy systems work.

Interestingly enough, this data contradicts what research and laboratories have previously stated regarding concurrent training. They have claimed that you can not maintain power output while doing aerobic work. According to this test, this may not be the case.

These measurements allow us to carefully fine-tune an athlete’s program relative to their own goals.

The SMARTJUMP allows us as coaches to determine “what” power is based on the athlete. After all each athlete will have a very different test result based on where they sit in fitness and their goals.

This tool highlights the importance of of an individualized approach to program design.

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