OPEX New Years Resolutions

Our New Year’s Resolution

New Year, New Direction for OPEX Fitness

With everyone else already on their way to living their ‘New Years Resolution’, we thought we’d ask CEO Jim Crowell their thoughts on the upcoming year and what changes are coming to OPEX Fitness this coming year.

What is OPEX’s 2018 Goal?

JIM: “We are going to create and deliver the definition for professional coaching so that we can help guide coaches through their entire coaching career, articulate it to the worldwide market, and help restore honor to the coaching profession”

How is OPEX Changing in 2018?

JIM: “We are driving into the publishing game in 2018 which is new for OPEX. We are also going to build a much more visible social media platform than we have had in the past so that we can meet more coaches, clients, and gyms exactly where they are.  2018 is about saying hello to the entire world.”

What can our audience and clients expect from this company next year?

JIM:“A LOT more valuable coaching and athlete content, a LOT more video and conversations through social media, and a continued refinement and upgrading of client experiences throughout coaches and athletes entire life cycles”

What does success look like for OPEX 2018?

JIM: “Success will be when the entire world recognizes what professional coaching looks like and that OPEX is leading the worldwide charge at changing how the public views, respects, and honors fitness coaches”

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