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The Opportunity to Plan Your Athlete’s Competitive Season

Competitive functional fitness is one of the most complex sports to coach. Success in the sport demands numerous variables to be considered and the qualities to be developed. Coaches must break theoretical convention when planning a competitive season, keeping an athlete healthy while peaking them for strategically for events, and the various skills the sport demands.

As the brainchild of our founder, inaugural CrossFit games winner James FitzGerald, OPEX Fitness understands the science behind planning a competitive functional fitness season. Learn our methodology through this sample season organization plan.

The New Season Structure

The changes to the competitive season raise the barrier of entry for athletes while creating more opportunities to compete. Instead of having to follow the typical season structure of the Open, Regionals, and then the Games, athletes can now choose which events they would like to compete at. With this change, coaches have to be as tactical as ever in choosing how their athlete will compete as they and are not confined by the old calendar.

How to Plan Your Athlete’s Season

  • Set the goal. New events create multiple opportunities for an athlete to compete. 
  • Prepare accordingly. Now that your athlete has chosen their goal, plan their accumulation and intensification phases around the time frame of competition.
  • Peak properly. With the intended goal in mind peak and taper as needed for the competition. This will also depend on the individual athlete.

The organizational changes to the competitive season have many coaches looking for direction, unsure of how to prepare their athletes. These coaches need to get tactile and prepare their athlete according to their goals. Learn how to organize your athlete’s season and training cycles around their specific goals with the free Mixed Modal Season Organization Plan. Download now and play to your athlete’s strengths.


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