Are you prepared for the CrossFit Open?

How a Professional OPEX Coach Can Help You In The CrossFit Open

“Though not much time remains until the CrossFit Open, we can make a great deal of headway into identifying bad movement patterns, training weaknesses, and ensuring that the training volume doesn’t fatigue or overload the client. If I were to get a new client tomorrow who wants to do well in the Open eight weeks from now, I want to set them up to succeed as much as possible.” – OPEX Head Coach Sam Smith

CrossFit Open registration starts tomorrow. Thousands of grassroot athletes and competitive veterans will be signing up to win the coveted title of Fittest on Earth. Are you prepared to stand out and win? Are you being professionally coached?

As the Sport of Fitness evolves and the competitive base grows exponentially, it’s becoming increasingly critical to find not only a professional coach, but the right coach to enable your success. You can’t rely on group fitness and random metabolic conditioning workouts to do the trick anymore. If you have competitive CrossFit ambitions, you need to be professionally coached.

Despite the fact that the CrossFit Open is right around the corner, a professional OPEX coach can help to ensure you are prepared for the challenges ahead.

Here are just a few of the ways our professional coaching staff can help you:

  • Control Your Training Volume and Intensity –  This time of year, many amateur athletes increase their training volume in a last ditch effort to ready themselves for the CrossFit Open. This is a critical mistake that often leads to burnout and injury during the Open workouts. OPEX Coaches are trained to dial the program intensity around competitive events like the Open in order to set their clients up for success, not injury.
  • Optimize Your Recovery – Recovery after training sessions and the CrossFit Open workouts are critical to your success. OPEX Coaches recognize this and place special emphasis on recovery practices tailored to your athletic needs.
  • Train Skills and Weaknesses – Feeling uncomfortable in a specific skill or movement? Working with an OPEX Coach will help you strengthen those skills and shore up those weaknesses, boosting your Open performance.
  • Dialing in Nutritional Practices – Sound nutritional practices and food hygiene are vital to athletic performance. While some principles of good nutrition are universal, there are some strategies and tips you can use to specifically boost your CrossFit Open Performance.

“I actually enjoy taking on clients this close to the CrossFit Open. It allows me to see whether or not the client can tackle the volume required to do well in the Open and insight into where they stack up compared to their local competition and where their weaknesses lie. While the client might not make it to the CrossFit Regionals based on their performance, I gather plenty of data from which I use to create their fitness program.” – OPEX Head Coach Sam Smith

While it may take some time to fully realize your true athletic potential, it’s best that you start your competitive training journey the right way. Start today with a company with an extensive track record of success in preparing athletes for the CrossFit Games.

OPEX Fitness has trained countless CrossFit Games veterans and champions, including 2007 Fittest on Earth James FitzGerald, 2017 Fittest in America Tennil Reed, and CrossFit Games Veterans Amanda Goodman, Marcus Filly and Tommy Vinas.

Prepare for the CrossFit Open by speaking with a professional OPEX Coach today about OPEX Individual Design.

Reach your athletic potential!

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