OPEX (Formerly OPT) is evolving into a global leader in coaching and educating the fitness world, and it deserves a name that personifies that. OPEX began as a business in Calgary Alberta working to change peoples lives through fitness. It grew to so much more than the acreage off Aspen Drive, it became a name known for leadership in fitness and training. And, it was my name, the name I used personally, as it was representative of the legacy I am aiming to build.

As we grew and expanded we decided to make a physical move to the US, and have been so blessed with the changes happening around us daily. We have learned so much with the growth to an international system of coaching in fitness. Our former business name OPT was and still is a registered trademark for our Canadian business.

So in our growth and in trying to create a “name” for ourselves here and all over the world we wanted to ensure the “name” we use;

1. Is ours
2. Truly means something
3. Has further opportunity for growth

And as a result of this we are changing our name in business.

Within a collective group there is a sense of belonging and that people inherently want to be a part of something meaningful. The name OPEX reflects a group, a tribe, a way of thinking, a history, an energy, a higher order, a journey, and so much more. It reflects also a name, a moniker of an athlete that was. People love being stamped with the OPEX symbol because it has that meaning built in and that’s what people resonate with -> The Experience, and The Journey.

We have now evolved into the OPEX brand, and this is just the beginning of a journey, and like you as coaches and athletes our learning and education facility is evolving as well. Our evolution into the Optimum Performance Experience, or OPEX is a full circle training, coaching and educational experience that is whole, and integrated in nature.

OPEX is the future growth of fitness, training, and education.
OPEX shows the evolution of our philosophies, and ideals.
OPEX is our journey in fitness, and our way of life.

Over the coming weeks, you will see the OPEX brand evolving across our business, and throughout our digital and traditional media. This is the first in a series of emails detailing the evolution to OPEX (Formerly OPT).

Join us as we evolve into our new name and celebrate this landmark in our company history.


James FitzGerald
Director, OPEX

Have more questions about the change to OPEX? Check out our FAQ page.

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