Which sex is weaker to the flu?

Which Sex is Weaker to the Flu?

A Breakdown of a Recent Study

Recent studies  have found that men are statistically more susceptible to Influenza. In addition, it would seem that men show more  flu symptoms more intensely than women.

The study was published the British Medical Journal and conducted by Dr. Kyle Sue, a family physician based in Arviat, Nunavut.

He correlated data from multiple different studies, all of which concluded that flu symptoms were generally more acute in men. In addition, Dr. Sue’s research also noted that a seasonal influenza study from 2004 to 2010 in Hong Kong found men had higher rates of hospital admission, and a decade-long American observational study that ended in 2007 suggested men had higher rates of flu-related deaths in comparison to women.

So the question remains, why are men more susceptible to the flu than women?

Dr. Sue posits that it may have something to do with men refusing to seek help for medical conditions until it becomes life threatening.

Our very own Head Coach and future doctor, Michael Bann was on hand to comment on the story.

“Immunology is complicated, but one hypothesis is that because women typically detox once per month, that’s why they typically live longer. Remember that sociology may play a role. Men, in most societies, are categorized as the “go getters”, meaning they’re masculine and career oriented, they travel more perhaps, and work more hours also.  But this also means they are more stressed, and stress can suppress the immune system.”

Whatever the reason, it’s important to take care of your body and your immune system so you can bounce back from diseases like the flu this season. Optimizing your immune system is all about managing the stress you experience on a daily basis, which is one of the ways in which our coaches approach each of their clients fitness program.

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