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Sponsored Athlete Stories: Amanda Goodman

I’m a mover…

– Amanda Goodman

Amanda has always had the desire to be physically challenged. While the outcome of any competition was important, what mattered most was the constant physical, mental, and emotional growth.

Amanda first discovered the CrossFit training doctrine while she studied to obtain her NASM Certificate. She worked at a local gymnastic facility, and the CrossFit “Box” was located just two blocks away.

Her first CrossFit workout ever? The infamous benchmark “WOD” known as Fran. Amanda’s lengthy competitive gymnastic background served her well in her first workout, and she quickly fell in love with the CrossFit mentality regarding training and competition.

“The sport fills my need to be competitive, it fills my need to be challenged.”

– Amanda Goodman

Soon after her first workout, she decided to take the open “Front Desk” position available at the facility and continued her pursuit the challenge presented to her by CrossFit. The gym owner, Ben Kelly, happened to be the client of none other than 2007 Fittest Man on Earth James FitzGerald. Ben saw massive potential for Amanda in the Sport of Fitness, and oversaw much of her first steps into the competitive CrossFit arena, with indirect oversight from James FitzGerald.

In 2012, she attended the CrossFit Games for the first time in Carson, California, and was introduced to James FitzGerald as he was coaching OPEX Athletes Individual like Jenny Davis, Moses Cordova, and Danny Nichols. After a few conversations with James at the Games, Amanda was sold on James FitzGerald’s style of training and decided to train under James guidance.

in 2013, with James assistance, Amanda made it for the first time to the CrossFit Games as an individual athlete. However, she was soon cut from the competition when she placed 35th overall. Amanda struggled to deal with the loss at first, but the wise counsel of James helped her rediscover her passion for the sport and continue her pursuit.

OPEX Sponsored Athlete Amanda Goodman focused to train hard

“James FitzGerald told me that my goal was not to win, but to continuously improve over time.

– Amanda Goodman

James honesty and compassion convinced Amanda to move her entire life to Scottsdale, Arizona, to get hands-on assistance from James as a mentor, coach, and friend. Amanda would attend the CrossFit Games two more times in 2014, and 2015, taking 20th and 10th place respectively.

However, serious injury and burnout caused her to lose focus in 2016 and 2017 and dropout from the competition. Now Amanda is back having found new purpose as an Official OPEX Sponsored Athlete. This sponsorship has been a long time coming for Amanda, and it confirms what she already has recognized about her physical capabilities and power. It has also helped her manage her stress and maintain her focus on her training.

Her goal this year?

Amanda wants to be named the “Fittest Woman on Earth” and she’s willing to put in the insane amount of work required to crush her competition and reach that podium.

After that, who knows? Amanda will certainly find a new challenge worthy of her considerable ability.

“I want to find my potential, whatever that means.”

– Amanda Goodman

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