OPEX Sponsored Athlete Jake Berman Stretching Before working out

Sponsored Athlete Stories: Jake Berman

“I’ve been doing this since I was 13 years old. Getting a podium spot at the CrossFit Games would mean a decade of work paying off.”

– Jake Berman

Though he may only be 21 years old, Jake Berman has almost a decade of experience competing in CrossFit.

He discovered CrossFit while in 8th grade. He was looking for a training regime that would help him get stronger for football and wrestling, quickly. He still remembers the movements involved in his very first workout: walking lunges, sandbag cleans, running, and a lot of push ups.

The workout was incredibly intense, and left Jake in a puddle of sweat on the gym floor. He loved it, and wanted to pursue this new sport professionally.

“What I’ve learned about myself through CrossFit is that I can push very hard mentally, and ignore the pain my body may be experiencing.

– Jake Berman

He spent much of his adolescence  following various fitness blogs and templates, without the help of a coach. His favorite fitness blog happened to be the OPT “Big Dawg” blog, the original OPEX Fitness website that offered free templates for competitive CrossFit athletes.

Over time, the training became a meditative process for him and a daily ritual. Training for competition became an integral part of his self identity.

His incredible work ethic helped him get to the qualifying competition for the CrossFit Games, The CrossFit Regionals, four times. Twice on a team, and twice as an individual. The second time he competed at the CrossFit Regionals he did so with the guidance of CrossFit Games Veteran, Marcus Filly.

OPEX Sponsored Athlete Jake Berman warming up with overhead carries.

With the help of this professional coach and seasoned competitor, Jake Berman placed 16th overall in a field of 40 other high-level competitors, significantly better than his first attempt. He was even in striking distance of the podium on the second day of the competition.

Sensing Jake’s potential as a competitor in the sport Marcus introduced him to his coach, Mike Lee, the director of Coaching at OPEX Fitness. Mike then offered Jake a paid sponsorship to train under hisand James FitzGerald’s guidance at OPEX Fitness HQ in Scottsdale, Arizona.

“Being a sponsored athlete holds me to a higher standard and makes me feel part of something greater than myself. It enhances my training”

– Jake Berman

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