Strength Matters Summit

Strength Matters in San Diego this weekend—the Summit, that is.

Director of Training and Owner of OPEX, James Fitzgerald is off to Southern California for the annual Strength Matters Summit, held at The Marriott Mission Valley, to join a stacked lineup of health and fitness professionals for a three-day, jam-packed workshop of talks, workouts and networking.

The weekend kicks off with Steve Maxwell, all day on Friday, leading a Mobility and Conditioning Workshop. Then, James takes the stage Saturday at 4 pm PST with a talk on the progression of fitness for an OPEX fitness athlete.  Events, such as this, connect like minded individuals who are on a mission to change lives and improve their own health, fitness and well-being through proven techniques, strategies and methods that work.

OPEX’s individualized approach caters specifically towards each athletes needs and goals, to help them along their journey.  We see it as our duty and responsibility to share the lessons we’ve learned in working with thousands of athletes through our Exclusive Coaching program with others, such as those at the Summit this weekend.

If you are an athlete or trainee who is interested in a more personalized, thoughtful approach to your own training, specific to your needs/goals, then consider connecting with OPEX to get started on your own Individual Design training journey through Exclusive Coaching.

OPEX CCP trains its coaches in a five-pronged approach to working with clients and running a successful coaching business, including modules in Assessment, Program Design, Lifestyle, Nutrition and Business Systems. Together, all of these pieces fit nicely to form a cohesive puzzle for success.

Additionally, if you are a coach who values more to your training approach then reading a book or attending a seminar that then ‘certifies’ you to be an expert in fitness and training, OPEX’s Coaches Certificate Program offers a University’s amount of education in an abbreviated amount of time (anywhere from 6-months to a year on average). To find out more about becoming a CCP coach, check it out here.

And, if you are in San Diego this weekend, consider checking out the Summit

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