The Story of an OPEX T-Shirt

Sunday: after Saturday and before Monday, it’s the day of the week associated with rest.

Not so, of course, if you’re a CrossFit Games Athlete.


As the final day of the competition, Sunday is the last hurdle, the remaining opportunity to give it all you’ve got and hopefully, win a spot at the CrossFit Games.

Recognizing the significance of Sunday to a CrossFit Athlete, four years ago OPEX Fitness designed a black T-Shirt that captured the essence of the day. On the front sat our company logo and on the back written plainly and simply in blue text was the word, “Sunday.” James FitzGerald explains,

“The shirt was intended to capture the opportunity open to athletes on the Sunday of Regionals: the opportunity to face their demons, all their strengths and really express what they’ve been doing and why in one single moment. The Sunday idea is really about being a completionist, setting a goal, for a day, for a time, for a moment and to get there and discover what you’re truly capable of.”

True to OPEX tradition, at the 2017 CrossFit Regionals OPEX Athletes will again be wearing “Sunday” T-Shirts. While this year, they’re red, the spirit of the original T-Shirt remains. On 2017’s Sunday, James had this to share:

“Be vulnerable. No one gives a shit about you. Do it for you and let it all out and maximally express why you’re doing what you’re doing and you will be rewarded for that vulnerability.”

OPEX Fitness wishes all of our Athletes the best of luck as the first Sunday approaches.


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