The SuperTraining of Competitive Functional Fitness

The SuperTraining of Competitive Functional Fitness

In recent months, competitive functional fitness has been upended — the competition playing field turned on its head. With the competition structure in flux, it’s best to take this time to prepare for what’s to come. James FitzGerald, the founder of OPEX Fitness, is hard at work developing the “SuperTraining” of competitive functional fitness: Mixed Modal. The digital course transcends the sport as we know it today and introduces principles, logic, and order. Mixed Modal launches this winter as the first, and only blueprint for long-term athletic success. While you wait for the official launch, we’ve created a dedicated newsletter for exclusive content releases.

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Win Mixed Modal for FREE
Everyone who signs up for the Mixed Modal Newsletter is entered to win the course for free. Three people will be chosen at random and announced by November 10th. You can review the official rules here.

Get Mixed Modal at a Discount
All recipients of the Mixed Modal Newsletter will be able to purchase Mixed Modal ahead of the general public, at a discount. This opportunity will be made available to all signees who join before Black Friday.

Weekly Knowledge Bombs
James is so passionate about the future of athletic development that he can’t wait until launch to start sharing what he’s developed. Each week James will release a piece of Mixed Modal for completely free. Recipients of the Mixed Modal Newsletter will get exclusive access to knowledge bombs on the ideal athlete training lifecycle, bioenergetics, and more.

Exclusive Access to James FitzGerald
James is filming weekly vlog-style videos to give you a first-hand look into the creation of Mixed Modal.

Behind-the-Scenes Content
While James FitzGerald is the industry’s leading educator, he is also a dad, husband, and constant joker. We will show you behind-the-scenes photos and videos of discussions between James and the education team, as well as the off-screen antics between filming sessions.

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