Tennil Reed is preparing for the CrossFit Regionals and looks to get her title back

Tennil Reed’s CrossFit Games Training Monday, May 14, 2018


A. Regionals skill practice 10-15 min – PLAY time work on skills you need – REALLY focus on movement quality and the areas where you will need to spend more time in preperation

B. Front Squat – to 85% in 5 sets or less

C.Power snatch TnG – Every 45 sec complete:
3 sets – 125/175# x 3 reps + 3 burpee over bar
3 sets – 75/115# x 5 reps + 3 burpee over bar
2-3 sets @increasing effort per set
AB 8/6 cals
10 TTB
AB 8/6 cals
10 DB box overs
10 OH lunges – alt arms after 5 working steps
AB 8/6 cals
rest walk 90 sec

@skill effort – on HS ramp:
7 ring MU
1 HS walk effort
16 alt pistols
1 HS walk effort
5 ring MU
1 HS walk effort
16 pistols

Long walk in elevation room 45 min

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