Tennil Reeds training continues to intensify towards the CrossFit Open.

Tennil Reed’s Training: January 12th 2018

Tennil’s training continues to intensify as she prepares for the CrossFit Open. Today she is tackling more knee flexion work, olympic lifting training, as well as dynamic upper muscle endurance sets.

AM – Wtd. CTB upper pull + Str Sp Jerk + Knee flex build + Dyn upper pull ME sets

Status: pending

A) 5 rounds EASY effort:

AB 10 cals

3 strict CTB pull ups pronated

10 sec strict CTB hold

Run 200m

B) Split Jerk: 1 rep – every 75 sec x 12 sets

– 4 sets – 70%

– 4 sets – 75%

– 4 sets – 80%

From blocks, CHEST up, Extend overhead!

C) Back Squat:

@22X1; 4-6 x 5; rest as needed – SUSTAIN your torso with GREAT stability throughout from right to left T!

D) 3 sets NFT:

1 ring MU


5 strict dips @22X1

rest 15 sec

25m SA FW/arm – TOUGH load

rest walk 2 min

E) 5 sets @ high effort:

15 row cals

15 HPC – 85#

15 CTB pull ups

15 burpees over bar

15 AB cals

rest walk 3 min

In the afternoon, Tennil will refine her swimming technique. Though Tennil is one of the strongest swimmers in the woman’s field, it’s best to practice this skill as it is virtually guaranteed to show up once she gets to the CrossFit Games.

PM – Swim intervals

A) Swim:

12 min EASY


1 attempt as far as possible underwater


Swim 50m EASY

Swim 50m pull

Swim 50m kick

x 2 sets

– Skill based


Swim 100m @MODERATE effort

rest 2 min

x 3


Swm 50m HIGH effort

rest 1 min

x 6 sets


10 min EASY

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