Tennil Reed training for the CrossFit Games March 12th 2018.

Tennil Reed’s Training For the CrossFit Games: March 12th 2018

Tennil Reed’s morning session is a continuation of her snatch strength cycle as well as some knee flexion work. Knee flexion endurance has been and continues to be one of the performance roadblocks for Tennil, which this program is tailored to address.

AM Session

A) Snatch:
3 reps x 3 sets – 82.5-85%, 2 reps x 3 sets – 85-87.5%, 1 rep x 3 sets – 90%; rest as needed – building load, STAY FAST, STRONG and Confident

B) Def Snatch DL + Def Snatch pull + Def snatch high pull:
2.1.1 x 5 sets; rest 2-3 min – 85-90% of RM snatch – Video 2 sets, REALLY focus on hips down into the floor and sustaining tension throughout!

C) Emom 10 min – :
min 1 – DB OHS x 5/arm – 50#+
min 2 – Row 12 cals
D) 8 min @high effort::
5 DL will go b/t and after last set of TTB – 225#
HS walk remaining time

In the afternoon, Tennil will be tackling a Regionals tester to help prepare her system and her strength for the competition post-open.

PM Session

A) FT:
From ground –
Ascending load – S2OH
b/t each set complete 2 RC – 15′

B) 30 min EASY work:
5 min AB
5 min row
5 min Ski
5 min jog
5 min row
5 min AB

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