Big Dawg Online Competitions for Winter 2011/2012 Dates:
the Construction Series
sponsored by Darren Sweeney – CF2
1. Nov 12th, 2011
2. Dec 11th, 2011
3. Jan 14th, 2012
The dates are set.
Prizes per event to come for top 5 per event PLUS special prizes TBA.
Top Male/Female of EACH competition + overall Male/Female winners will be rewarded for a free entrance into OPTathlon 2.0, tentatively scheduled for April 2012 in Chicago.
One day multi fitness event competitions lasting a few hours in total.
Coaches and facility owners, start prepping your athletes now!
If you are interested in hosting one, please contact Trevor –
$5 entry fee per person per event is highly appreciated for a donation to the Big Dawg Dish – of which we supported 21 athletes to date.
as many rounds in 15 minutes:
7 toes to bar
7 goblet squats – 1.5/1pd
27 double unders
as many rounds in 15 minutes:
3 muscle ups
6 power clean – 155#/105#
9 pistols/leg
as many rounds in 15 minutes:
3 power snatch – 155#/105#
6 OHS – 155#/105#
9 CTB chin ups
post rounds and notes to comments on how that felt throughout
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  1. Oh god, I was laughing at this pic on Facebook today. How does one caption cover this? Unit’s pooky bum stance. Steve’s eyes. Adam’s glare.

    How ’bout, ‘The Dorky Dozen?’

  2. “OPT mafia”

    awesome weekend with everyone, but especially that group!

    will be changing this due to shoulder somehow. pistols bother my left hip, always have, other wise i like the “being” workout. need muscle up work, need c2b work, can do cleans and front squats. hmm…
    which one do you think would be best james? don’t know if you’re trying to pull some specific data from this:
    3 mu’s/6 power cleans/9 front squats
    3 power cleans/6 front squats/9 c2b’s

  3. Quick poll of the room. Has anyone tried one of Greg Everett’s oly-lift cycles from the Catalyst website? Which one? Good results?

    I haven’t taken a time-out from GPP the past few years for a strength/oly-lift regimen and feeling the burn to up my numbers there. I’m gonna rest this week then jump on one. Thanks for all you provide to us Coach and I will be back for my true fitness training before long.

  4. I have done a Greg Everette cycle. Can’t remember which one it was in particular. The result was gold at my provincial championships. Just the exposure alone is going to make you see changes regardless of what the program is. My only advice is to not do a whole lot if anything on top of the programing. In this case put all your eggs in one basket. As well try to find a coach to critique your technique often, it is very easy in oly lifting to be held back because of technique, especially in the snatch. Hope this helps,


  5. Had “Mandatory PT” this morning, so made up will from last sat

    A. PC/OH, 235, 235, 235 did all push jerks

    B. 115m/115m/115m/115m

    C. All complete and fast

    D. 40/40/40 double unders, felt good

    WIll be doing today’s “Will” later this afternoon

    Lower back is fatigued from GHD’s yesterday, was pretty tight when I woke up this morning, but will foam roll and warm up well

    Curious to see how some athlete do on this

  6. Being

    6 rounds + 3 muscle-up + 1 power clean

    Everything was on point this morning. Muscle-ups were fast, smooth, and unbroken. Power cleans were unbroken. Pistols just kept moving. Probably could have gotten 7 rounds if I did not breath so much between each movement.

  7. @ Harrison

    I am in the second week of the classic cycle right now and have seen major improvement in technique already. I hit a pr in the snatch after the first week. I have been taking a lot of video and watching the videos of experienced lifters since I don’t have a coach to critique me which has helped. Like DJ said you can’t help but improve technique with all the exposure but you have to be mentally focused to lift everyday so you don’t fall back into old bad habits. Also be prepared for some joint aches. Good luck.

  8. @Harrison
    IΒ΄ve done a squat cycle from Catalyst A, but itΒ΄s based on a Russian Squat Cycle, so thatΒ΄s really what I did. Also I followed the weeks that Greg E helped program here on OPT last year (late august until late september) and it felt awesome! Look it up!

    Looks like you had a blast at the OPTathlon! Rght now I do a russian squat cycle (again), since squats is the only movement I really can do heavy, but I look forward to my come back in mid november or so.

    “Who tried the hands free-approach in the boys room?”

  9. @ Harrison,’
    I’ve done the “classic cycle” earlier this summer and saw good results. More importantly it had me doing Oly Lifts every day which was probably one of the main the reasons I saw good results. I think its a 5 week cycle (good length, a bit shorter than the 8 week ones) and i’d recommend it.

  10. Will
    6 rounds + 2 snatches
    Snatch felt heavy pretty quick
    CTB felt good and strong

    Taking next couple days off to lift in Olympic meet on Sunday, will pick up after

  11. @Harrison – I’ve followed a Catalyst cycle (the 2-phase cycles) each of the last two years after Regionals. Good advice and notes from everyone above, the exposure alone is rewarding. Stick to the program; if you change anything, make it a reduction in volume initially as your body and joints adjust to the higher volume of lifting. Enjoy…

  12. Will

    I pulled off 6 rounds.

    Snatch was okay. Not really used to doing touch and go snatches, need to work on these.
    OHS was strong. Core was a little weak from GHD yesterday.
    CTB – I am not very good a gymnastic movements to begin with, and my hands were ripped from the rope climbs. This slowed me down the most, hands down (no pun intended).

  13. Will

    7 rounds even

    *power snatches, 1 and 2 as singles, rest then 3rd ps right into 6 ub ohs every round, which got tough. *Pullups in sets of 3.
    *Tough work out but tried to control my breathing throughout which seemed to help especially after the ohs when my heart rate was highest.

  14. Will

    9 rounds +6 ohs

    Wasn’t feeling 100% today, sore throat probly coming down with a little sickness…tried to just keep a steady pace…around 10 min in i was having a hard time catching my breath…first 2 sets of pu’s ub then 6-3 thru out…all ohs ub…lacking motivation today..

  15. Will

    4 rds

    my weak little shoulders cant support the weight over head so ohs took me 2 sets with a rest good rest every time. hopefully my playoff hockey game goes better tonight.

  16. Thanks for all the great feedback everyone. I am going to start with the 4-week classic cycle into the 5-week strength cycle. Will post gains when completed.

    I do not have a coach to critique my lifts but I have been taking video and have a decent enough eye to notice most technique mistakes. I will also stick to the program and avoid extra work, except for some Z1 work here and there on recovery days. Again I appreciate everyone’s suggestions and will be back before too long.

  17. Picture caption

    “Would the defendants please rise. You too DJ you pimp!!!”


    Completed yesterday’s run last night.

    Today 5 rds + 3mu’s,6 pc’s, 5 pistols.

    Mu’s limiting factor. Singles after 2 rds.

  18. “will”
    3 rds plus 1 ps.

    wrist pain on OHS, from injury in March, was main limiter. I need to slowly work my way back up on the OHS weights. For these movements I should have scaled the weight today.

  19. Will:

    8 rounds + 1 snatch.

    Ohs by far limiting factor.

    @rich j – I was also thinking of doing being tonight…toying with subbing hspu for cleans since alor more pulling this cycle instead of pushing. Msg me and let me know what u plan for tonight.

  20. “will”

    10 rounds + 3 snatches

    – single snatches into unbroken OHS
    – unbroken CTB pullup

    -underestimated this 15 min AMRAP big time. Dont know if it was my fitness level or the design, but after 6 min of this I wanted to stop. I got the just get through the WOD attitude, instead of continuing to attack. 12-14 rounds is for sure possible, but overall fatigue became limiter… lots of bar gazing, walking around, everything but picking up the fucking doing the work.. Could’ve paced a bit better in transition but overall it was a great Tester!

  21. “Awkward family photos – champion edition”

    Guts have been jacked up since the weekend: 6 hours of sleep x 4 days+ too much bbq + competition = not good. Have taken rest since monday and will resume training on saturday. Nice to rest though.

    Will workout looks fun today. Looking forward to getting back to some real training…although I may have to ease in and modify for awhile.

  22. Will

    6 rounds + 1 snatch (@ 125 lbs) @145 lb bw.

    Snatches got tough quick. Pushed myself to go ub on the OHS and CTB, thinking that I’d completely fall off if I broke them. Great wod, love the heavy lifts sprinkled in like Mrs. Dash.

  23. Wasn’t really recovered enough until today to do anything. This “old balls” doesn’t recover as quickly as you young whipper snappers.

    Runs from yesterday, complete felt pretty good. Calf feels fine while running its when i stop and walk that I get all sorts of weird cramps, discomfort etc. Don’t know if its just because I am not thinking about while I am running or not.

    C and J tech work – thinking about some stuff CJ pointed out to me on the weekend.

    @Jodi – my pleasure anytime you have any questions just email me.

    @Mandy – I seriously have been missing my breakfast and Americano at Pappalleco or whatever it was called… went out and bought some smoked salmon and tried to recreate my own – wasn’t the same!!! Hope your little man Sean survived and I am sure he is very happy to have you guys back. miss ya

  24. Will
    7 rds + 2

    Snatches were limiting and really forced me to slow down in order to not fail reps. OHS ub and C2B all broken intentionally to keep a good pace. Breathing was fine throughout. Only shoulder fatigue was problem.

  25. Will
    7rds. Man…. Those all arm rope climbs WRECKED me and I didn’t even realize it. Shoulders were shaky on ohs, and ctb pullups had to be broken after rnd 2

  26. “will”
    no go- still rehabbing hip – looks brutal

    Steve Howell looks like he is enjoying being surrounded by wet men way too much – steve, here in Cali, we call that dirt above your lip the molester stache.

    Hoping to try some squats this weekend!

  27. “Would the real Slim Shadey please stand up……..not so fast Wickham.”


    Catalyst cycles are sweet, but are quite taxing, be prepared for some ice baths, and as DJ mentioned, commit to a cycle, don’t try and find the perfect sauce with extra conditioning, it will lead to over training/injury. Pick a cycle that will help adress your weakness ie pulling/posture/strength.

    As for all these new comp dates, I better stop all the O-lifting and get some conditioning work in!

  28. Being

    4 + 2 MU

    MU and Pistols are big weaknesses for me. I’ve been working with a weighted vest a lot for MU and felt much more confident today. First two sets of 3 unbroken on MU. Pistols are terrible. Puts a lot of strain on my knees and hurts.

  29. Gonna take a few days and relax and have fun. I think I’m still taxed more from Sunday than I think as weight feels heavy and u can’t get pumped up or motivated to workout.
    Pistols mess with my left hip and no snatches still. Did a version of being and I will be paying for it over the wknd I’m sure.

    15 min amrap: 3 mu’s, 6 power cleans @185, 9 split squats per leg.
    Used 95# barbell first rd and realized it would’ve hurt to do the whole workout with that so dropped to 75# barbell for remainder. Used bar so grip wouldn’t be wrecked for mu’s and cleans.
    Upper hammies hurt immediately afterward so I know the next few days is gonna be rough.

  30. Man, I am bummed I couldn’t make the bash. Maybe next year…..

    6 rounds + 3 muscle ups

    Muscle ups were cake because the pistols took so long. The cleans were easy, I am very comfortable at the weight. I did the pistols 9 reps per leg before switching (not alternating left and right). That definitely made things harder.

  31. Being

    5 rounds + 2 muscle ups

    Muscle ups unbroken.. Cleans were light…

    Pistols were the slow part for me… Had to redo several reps per round. I had a tumor removed from my left knee about 7 years ago and the strength difference in my knees really shows in this movement.. Right leg was fine.. Left leg not so much. Would’ve been completely different if it were 9 pistols TOTAL instead of per leg. Very happy to complete my first pistol wod!!!!!

  32. Being
    Played with deadlifts a little. Trying to pick up more heavy stuff.

    WOD-Modified beyond recognition- no “pop” today.
    Subbed 6 pullups/dips for muscle ups and used 85#. 3 rounds + 6 pullups. Pistols went surprisingly well.

  33. BEING

    yesterday’s runs 1min@95%/5min rest x6 – liked the “tall posture” and “clean touches” cues

    8hrs rest

    today’s: 7rnds + 6 reps
    -did 9 pistols R then 9 pistols L
    -pistols really sucked the life out of me, beyond round 1 i took a long time between exercises and didn’t have that hunger to hit it… that said, after 3rnds my pace stayed pretty consistent, muscleups and cleans ub (though cleans felt heavy)

  34. Will:

    Still in Lakeland FL, WOD at CF Lakeland:

    (Wk2 day2 from memory)

    BSx5 – 135-185-225-245
    SPx1 – 135-155-165-185
    PPx3 – 185-205-225×1-215

    AMRAP 7min: 3xPJ 155#, 7xLateral Burpees over bar, 21x DU – 7 rnds+3 PJ

    Legless rope climbs x 5, not timed

    DLx5 – 225-275-335-395

  35. Modified for my hand.

    AMRAP in 15 minutes:
    7 Toes to Bar
    7 KBS @ 2pd
    9 Pistols each leg

    Completed 9 rounds even.

    Combination of T2B and KBS caused some discomfort in later rounds, even though I really tried to restrict my grip to two fingers. Will need to get creative this weekend with the WODs.

  36. Being

    2 rnds + 1 MU! My first workout actually completing any MUs! They were ugly, But i got through them πŸ™‚

    Riding high on my victory in the battle of wills, I then did this workout with a friend:
    1 power clean
    4 burpees AFAP

    I used #105 from the last workout and my rounds took 11-12secs each

  37. Rested 6 hrs exactly then hit being. I need the MU and pistol prqactice:

    7 rounds + 3 + 6 + 5 pistols

    Mu – ub on rings 1 ft from reach
    Cleans – 3/3 my pulling strength suffered from earlier today/yesterday
    Pistols – alternated legs – slow but ub

    First time pistols have felt really really solid. Left knee tendonitis didn’t act up at all – woot! Time to go to the globo and sit in their salt water hot tub.

  38. “Constantly Varied Faces, With Some Broads, In A Badass Dominion”

    Did a different tester today to help prep for next weeks comp.

    4 Rounds for time:
    4 Muscleups
    16 KB Snatch @ 1.5pd

    4:24, Frustrating workout. Muscleups are the limiter. Wish I could just dig in and go. KBS’s were easy. Need to be faster at these.

  39. Taking a few days to catch up on life πŸ™‚ Catching up on my CMA course load and reorganizing the family again. I leave for four days and one kid forgets how to read and the dogs have taken over my side of the bed! haha

    Going to get back to the gym on Saturday and looking forward to it. The weekend was the motivation I needed to keep training hard. Today I’ll practice some skill work at home with ring dips and MU transitions. Hoping to get the dogs out too for the runs yesterday.

    Lisa M. loved being your roommate, the knowledge you have to share is incredible! I’m sure I’ll be picking your brain again in the future. πŸ™‚

    Until the weekend…

  40. FS: 3Γ—6: 205- 1-2 min rest
    10 min later:
    4 rds. 1 snatch. missed 2nd & 2nd to last snatch. Content about getting 13 of 15 as 165 is my PB on Snatch. Footwork and hip stability on catch are inconsistent and sloppy but the pull under the bar focus was working for me getting even the weaker pulls. recieved most in 2nd-3rd pos.
    OHS & C2b UB. Aided by the big rests i took ib/w snatches. Longest break after pullups to ensure success on snatch.

  41. Day 1 workouts for this weekend have been posted.

    Workout #1:
    1000 meter row
    75 wall ball shots, see chart
    500 meter row
    25 pullups, chin over

    Workout #2:
    Ground to overhead ladder – 20 second rotation
    Men Weights (lbs): 135, 145, 155, 165, 175, 185, 195, 205, 215, 225, 235, 245, 255, 265, 275, 285, 295, 305, 315

    Looking forward to it! Nathan, my gut is recovering as well. I think I ate more BBQ in those two days than I have in the last 2 years. hah

  42. Will [these fellas ever stop moaning about Phil’s BBQ]

    4 sad rounds.

    No pop in snatch. OHS felt awful. Right shoulder is wrecked. Pull ups were cake. Maybe because I only did 40% of the work Baird did.

    3 sets 1 min rest
    :40 prowler push
    8 bulg split squat per leg. 45# db

    2k row z1

    Starting ART for the shoulder next week.

  43. Being:

    5 rounds + 2 MUs
    All PCs UB, failed on the last MU 3x (mental)
    Decided to finish PCs and 13 pistols
    Breathing was above average, PCs were smooth, MUs limiting factor, left leg pistols need to be more consistent, fun work out

  44. Will
    6 +1

    “notes to comments on how that felt throughout”
    Going in I knew it would be a strength wod for me, 155 is 80% 1 rm but more impacting is the fact that my right shoulder is popcorn: rotator, labrum, levator issues combined with the fact the arm doesn’t fully straighten, F@$k it, full steam ahead.
    Took a cautious approach: 1, 1, 1 plus all OHS (rep 6 of sets 5 and 6 were max efforts).
    c-2-b unbroken.
    good stuff

  45. Being

    3 Rounds + 1 MU

    Pistols felt great – all UB and quick; PC’s scaled to 90#, but realized after round 1 that I should have gone up more; MU’s good, but slow. Haven’t done them in a while…

  46. 8 rounds even.


    I did the will workout today with Gil and Kyle. Scaled weight to 65# and pullups were covp
    5 rounds + 6 pu.

    Thanks again Kyle!

  47. Will

    6 rds + 3 Power snatch

    first 2 rds were done nice and easy 1 min each. Then OHS started to get wobbly. Also feeling some intense pain through my left arm after letting go of the OHS. It’s throughout the whole arm, more so in my forearms. Maybe from the rope climbs the other day? (Tight forearms) Started dropping the bar part way into the 6 OHS. C2B felt like the easiest part of this, which was a nice change.

    Really liked the wod, just a little disappointed in OHS. For once it wasn’t shoulder or wrist pain, but now it was something else all together!

  48. Not going to have workout time tomorrow so did yesterdays “being”.
    6rds +3mu&6cln.
    No sort of work capacity with pistols. Need to be smoother. Mu’s were easy and cleans were light.

  49. mike mcg- I like the quote…

    jordan- will (there b better beef ribs anywhere?)

    well I’m still dumbfounded as 2 wtf I was doing/thinking…

    will from yesterday…
    A- 12′ rope up and down x2 unbroken for ea rep… ~29:35
    B- complete


  50. A day behind, did Will from yesterday today:

    10 + 4 OHS, a lot of resting on this one. I thought Baird was nuts for saying 12-14 but it is possible that is for sure, not for me though! ha

  51. Being


    MU were the most difficult and time consuming. All singles and needed longer breaks in between them after the first round. Failed 2 attempts in the last minute (I was trying to get all 3 done before time was up, and took a shorter break than I should have after the first one.) But overall happy that I didn’t fail any sooner and getting through the transition, which is always where I have difficulty, was better than it usually is.

    PC all singles, but felt good and were consistent throughout — didn’t need much break in between in rep compared to MU. And it was nice lifting again after being out of town so much and not having access to a barbell! I miss it when I’m away from it for more than a couple days!

    Pistols were slow and not pretty but steady and consistent throughout — the easiest part of it for me.

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