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In our CCP Life Coaching module we teach coaches how to help clients first identify and then align their priorities in life.  Your priorities can be identified by looking at your behavior as actions speak far louder than words.  If someone tells you their top five priorities and they are not congruent with their behavior, then you know two things:  they don’t understand their own priorities and they are not what they say they are.

Once you know someone’s true priorities you can help them achieve them, and when you help someone achieve their top priorities you become an invaluable resource.  One of the biggest mistakes I see in the fitness world is the assumption that all clients should care about health and fitness as much we do.  But they don’t!  Fitness coaches have a priority on health and fitness and that’s why they are fitness coaches.  Clients will not always share the same set of priorities as you.

So how do you engage your clients in their own health and fitness when it’s not their top priority?  You have a couple of options:

  1. If you fit the above profile and think everyone should care about health and fitness as much as you then you’ll create a situation for your clients where the gym is something that COMPETES against their top priorities.  FYI… top priorities always win.
  2. If you understand your clients unique set of priorities and what drives their behavior, then you will create a more synergistic situation for your clients where the gym is something that ENHANCES their top priorities.

The following article does a great job of outlining how the gym enhanced one man’s top priority.  In our CCP course, we call this “linking”.  You link the benefits of working out to your client’s top priority.  This author has the benefits of exercise so well linked that essentially his top priority has been transcended and now has physical well-being embedded in it.  

It’s a great demonstration of how what we provide in the gym enhances what people do outside of the gym.  Given the fact that most people spend more time outside the gym than in it, this understanding is an essential ingredient in higher order coaching.

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sharon prete
Sharon Prete
CCP Life-Coaching co-conductor


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