Three Regionals Athletes Reflect…

Whether at work, in school or on the playing field: competition is inescapable. The desire to be better than the next person is so prevalent, in fact, that it seems to define us as human. But does it?

Certainly, countless scientific studies show this assumption to be true but as with most things, it’s not that simplistic.

According to a recent survey on the topic of competition amongst the faculty, students and staff at the Harvard School of Public Health, the majority of respondents favored relative over absolute competitive advantage when it came to topics relevant to an academic context: intelligence and attractiveness.

Transferred to the world of fitness, these results might suggest that people don’t need to be the best athlete in the world, they just want to be better than the guy or girl competing next to them.

Intrigued to learn more about the complexities of competition, we asked three OPEX Regionals Athletes a simple question: Why do you compete? Their responses were not only startling but also extremely revealing.

“Competition helps me visualize my progress. Something about this feedback feeds me as a person. It makes me feel accomplished and happy. It’s who I am and how I’m built.” – Tennil Reed

“I’m always going to want more. I always want more because I know I can do more. Competition is the reason why we were put on this earth. To figure out what our body is made of, do it, and prove ourselves.” – Tommy Vinas

Competing gives me an outlet to reach an end goal. Because I have an organized personality, I need order and progression. Competition is the final stage of this organizational process.” – Laura Dickerson

The answers varied from testing physical capability to personal development. While our athletes may seem to be drawn to competition for different reasons, what was true for all was the idea that competition offers a tool for self-expression vital to mental and physical well-being.

In our experience, this is not peculiar to Regionals’ Athletes but broadly true for everyone engaging in fitness. It follows, then, that if fitness is a way of expressing individuality that what that fitness looks like is also highly personalized.

OPEX is the industry leader in guiding athletes on their individual fitness journey.

It’s not enough to simply live for the result that competition brings. Live your beliefs and values and prepare for your biggest moment by training with an OPEX Coach today.