Your New Coaching Motto: Express, Recover, Adapt

James FitzGerald’s Weekly AMA: Express, Recover, Adapt

In this week’s Ask Me Anything sneak peek, James FitzGerald, explains his coaching motto express, recover, adapt, and why it’s so important for coaches to personalize.

Express, Recover, Adapt

This motto is a framework that James has created for OPEX Coaches in order to help them understand what the goal of programming an exercise for a client should be.

Express – Before programming an exercise for a client the coach needs to know that the client is capable of actually expressing that exercise.

Recover – Next, the client should be able to recover from the exercise. Recovery includes the ability to perform it again.

Adapt – If programmed correctly the client will have expressed the exercise, be able to recover and perform it again, and then finally have adapted to the stimulus that is that exercise.

The Need For Personalization

Express, Recover, Adapt highlights the need for personalization. This framework shows that if a program is not personalized and a client gets an exercise that they are not ready for they will not adapt correctly. James uses the example of burpees to demonstrate this

(Resource: Learn how to personalize your coaching with this free course.)

“If you have a client that cannot do a burpee doing burpees it might look like they are expressing the movement when in fact they are only participating and flopping on the ground and getting up.”

James FitzGerald

Their body is not capable of expressing this action. So instead of expressing they are learning how to deal with the movement through learning compensatory patterns in order to survive. Since they are not expressing the movement they will not be able to recover properly and no adaptation will take place.

Learn How to Personalize

In order to truly progress your clients, you must personalize their programs. This is the only way a coach can guarantee that the client is capable of expressing, recovering, and adapting. Get introduced to our system of coaching and learn how you can begin writing personalized programs with The Free Coach’s Toolkit.

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