Brandon Wilton- CCP Level 1 Coach

Brandon Wilton- OPEX CCP Level 1 Coach

I began CrossFit in 2007, affiliated in 2008, and opened my gym in 2009. This comes along with the usual type of story you’d expect from a CrossFit gym: I was a firefighter before then and once I started the gym, it became my main focus.

James Fitzgerald has always stuck out to me, even when I started in 07, I had heard the name a few times, it wasn’t until 09 when the documentary “every second counts” came out. I remember seeing James Fitzgerald and how meticulous he was, he just stands out as someone who wouldn’t stand for being mediocre in his profession.

I would be lying if I didn’t say I am most looking forward to program design, and since I have just finished assessment, I am really enjoying it! I love seeing the data roll in and figure out the stories they are telling.

My goal when I started the program was to get to the point where I can deliver the results I’d like to my members – or more appropriately – the results they would like. I guess you aren’t anything if you aren’t somewhat effective in doing that. Also, I love being apart of their fitness journey as well. Most people have no idea what is past the point of their original goals. It’s a complete mystery to them that they could actually achieve it, and then continue on even further.

Another goal I had was to have a sustainable career and be able to live comfortably doing what I love doing, coaching. It’s important to me to have a happy family and a business that well supports it’s employees. So far, I’ve been nose deep in caliper testing and a lot of CCP Membership Forum stalking.

My current coaching goal is to evolve and expand as I continue to learn and engage with CCP. I feel as though the OPEX coaches, they set feelings aside and go with data. If they know the answer to something, it is supported, if they don’t, they won’t tell you they do, they will go figure it out and get back with you. It’s good knowing you have competent people coaching you.

There hasn’t been this big AHA moment yet as I’m just beginning my journey. I think I figured out very early on that there will always be something to learn, to keep an open mind about everything and the context with which things are being used. I think what I am looking forward to is learning how to really get an individual to trust you and work with you on an extended basis, getting past the “quick results” barrier.

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