Chelsea Nicholas- Remote Coaching Client

Back in 2014, I competed on a team at the Northwest Regional.  It was a great experience but my ultimate goal was to compete as an individual.  That year I had placed 115th in the open.  Leading into the season I was training a lot but doing whatever I felt like; basically looking at several blogs each morning and picking the one that looked the most fun.  Clearly that wasn’t enough to achieve my goal so I started asking some of the individual competitors about their training.  It seemed that most of them had their own coach.  I got a couple names to look into, including OPT (now OPEX).  I picked OPEX because it seemed well established.  I didn’t know much about it at the time but I was ready to commit to something and OPEX looked promising.

And I was right! I am currently coached by Robin Lyons and my goal is to compete again at regionals as an individual.  I competed as an individual at the 2015 West Regional and Earned the opportunity to compete at other big competitions such as Granite Games, Cascade Classic, CrossFit Fort Vancouver Invitational, and Wodapalooza.  Aside from PRs in the gym I am learning how to compete at a higher level.

This year my goal is to improve on my regional performance from last year.  Ultimately I’m chasing a top 5 finish at regionals like everyone else, but any progress is a step in the right direction and feels like success.  I want to see how high I can climb.

From the start everything has been black and white; here is where we are, this is where we want to be, this is how we get there.  All I knew was I liked CrossFit and I wanted to be better at it.  Robin was honest in helping me define a goal within reason then writing the map to get me there.  With time and success comes iterations of goals and evolution of training.  Working with Robin has added structure and focus to my training.  I feel well balanced and more in control of my direction.

I have learned a lot about my level of fitness which makes me a smarter competitor.  I have also been able to identify my true priorities in life which allows me to focus and sets me up for success.   Lastly, I have developed a better sense of why I train which makes every day feel more meaningful.

I can’t say I knew exactly what I was getting myself into when I started working with OPEX but I haven’t looked back.  I truly believe I am working with the best coach around.

Photo: Chris Rosa

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